We’re a Happy Family (Me, Mom and Daddy)

If your kid was singing “Hey ho let’s go, put me in the bath tub.”

And you were all like “No, no, honey. It’s shoot ’em in the back now.”

You would feel really stupid after you realized what you had done.

Just like I did.

Especially if you were at Trader Joe’s and all of the crunchy people near you in line heard you do it.

* * *

Other titles considered for this post:  Ramones Mania, Road to Ruin

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  1. It’s okay. My 4-year-old son is in speech therapy, and I made him practice words with “L”, “R” and “G” sounds by helping him correctly say that his Stormtrooper’s gun made blood splatters. He practiced that sentence about 20 times before he got it all right. Mommy is so proud.

  2. At least you didnt say formula is best, or organic is bad…or granola sucks!

  3. You aren’t the only one, if it makes you feel any better. We went to see the Jimmy Neutron movie with my friend and her then 3 year old son. A sanitized version of this song was inexplicably included as part of the soundtrack. Our little friend immediately jumped in the aisle and sang the whole thing at the top of his lungs, including SCREAMING “shoot ’em in the back now.” It was the only good thing about that movie as far as I was concerned.

  4. *snort* I would have totally laughed out loud. Then they could have been staring at both of us.

  5. Could have been worse and happened at Whole Foods. Or a PETA rally.

  6. Heh, classic, I would’ve laughed too.

  7. I think the fact that the Ramones have such wide appeal to small children (including my own) should tell us something. But I’m sure we really don’t want to hear about it.

  8. It makes total sense to me. If it would have been me at TJ’s, I would have sang along w/ you.

  9. ha ha. I love it! too cute.

  10. I often find myself catching myself saying things…you know adult, naughtly words like,’Damn it’ My little one is in speech therapy and when she said, Damn it, I was kinda proud. Not because my little one is cursing like a Sailor but it was clear as day and said appropriately.

    Boy, my kiddos sure love to make mama’s day!

  11. This is so precious I just love your posts..

    Dorothy from grammology

  12. Your honesty is lyrical!

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