Yes, I said Elephants and Butts

If upon the request of my children I am currently doing an image search for elephant’s butts does that make me the cool mom or a bad influence?


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  1. The cool mom – most definitely.

  2. Can I be cool auntie karen with this?

  3. I would say cool mom. But rhino butts are whole ‘nother story. 😉

  4. The cool mom, definitely. I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face!

    (Also, sorry I haven’t responded to the e-mail yet. I accidentally deleted my inbox and had to contact customer service to get the e-mails back. So I’ll try to get to it tonight or tomorrow.)

  5. Cool Mom… definitely… kids are obsessed with butts and bodily functions… and it’s fine, they grow out of it… eventually… maybe…

    You’d like Oh, The Joys today… Her post about The Mayor, Rooster and shopping for poop. Your kids would love it :)

  6. Wow…look at the ass on that pachyderm.

  7. I am all for the learning of animals. If they want to know, or if you want to teach them about elephant butts, so be it!


  8. Do you have “Baby Got Back” playing while you’re searching for them butts?

    If so, definitely cool.

  9. In a world where “Everybody Poops” is best seller, I think it definitely makes you a cool mom.

  10. I just loves me some elephant butt!

  11. I sure hope you hope you had SafeSearch on when were are Googling for the backsides of tremendous proportion.

  12. Cool mom, of course.

  13. I think it only counts as porn if you’re an elephant.

    Or, I suppose if you’re a baby elephant, it’s like asking for directions.

  14. I’d say that makes you a pretty damn good mom! Give your fans what they want!!

  15. Your a kool good mom and nothing less..I’d do it too…haha

    Dorothy from grammology

  16. Cool mom. Definately.

    Now if you’re searching for elephant poop? well, that’s just gross.

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