If is wasn’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all.

In the past 15 hours:

1) My car broke.

2) My laundry sink backed up and filled up with a mysterious black liquid.

3) I didn’t win the $3000 raffle at my preschool auction even though I totally sang the magnet to money song. Out loud. At the fundraiser.

4) I nearly killed my self doing the 30 Day Shred and I am still lumpy.

Okay, maybe those last two aren’t really bad luck, but I was enjoying making the list of reasons I feel sorry for myself.

Plus, since #1 occurred while I was doing a good deed I think I’ve got some good karma headed my way.yogabba_muno

Like Muno says, think happy thoughts and a smile’ll come back to you.

And even though I totally disagree that one can make a contraction out of the words smile and will, it is the thought that counts.

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  1. Bummer, dude!

    Maybe that black liquid is what happens when socks dissolve and go down the drain? Sadly, I fear it’s something more disgusting…but I’m trying to remain positive for you.

  2. I think you should take a cab to the nearest spa for the entire day. That’s what it means when your car breaks and black liquid fills your laundry sink. I thought everyone knew that!! :)


  3. Yeah I’m not too sure about that contraction either. Hope the sink gets fixed soon!

  4. Wiserun says:

    Dude, you struck oil! Filthy Rich!

  5. I hope your car is repairable! I lost a contest to win a Toyota Prius at my gym. I made it to the Final 10! It sucked. Massively. I have never even attempted the 30 Day Shred. I am impressed.

  6. My daughter is singing “think happy thoughts” as I am reading this post:-)

  7. Black gold! Texas tea!

    We said: Californee
    is the place you outta be
    so you loaded up the Goons
    and moved to Beverly…

    Hills, that is.

    Swimming pools.

    Movie stars.

  8. It’s black gold! Texas tea!

    They said, Californee
    is the place you outta be…
    so you loaded up the Goons
    and moved to Beverly

    Hills, that is.

    Swimming pools.
    Movie stars.

  9. 1. Hope your car gets fixed as soon as possible.

    2. There are tree roots going into my pipes which means my kitchen sink is having issues with drainage (including when the dishwasher is running).

    3. Yeah, I got nothing.

    4. I nearly killed my knees doing an aerobics class, so now I’m hoping for a chance to get into a water aerobics class to get aerobics without killing my joints. And I’m still flabby despite nearly destroying my knees. Ugh!

  10. I tripped yesterday walking on a sidewalk. I was wearing FLATS. I’m going to blame this on the Shred.

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