Chris Bown, Nickelodeon, a Picture and a Link

I hate to just give you one link and then send you away, but this is really bothering me.

Nickelodeon is leaving Chris Brown on the ballot for the 2009 Kids’ Choice awards.


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  1. I already wrote a ranty email to Nickelodeon about this. Seriously considering boycotting Noggin too. This is not something I want to teach my children, and by making the choice to exlude him from the ballot they could be teaching children something.

  2. COME THE F ON Nickelodeon! Man up and do what Wrigley’s had the balls to do. Drop the guy!

  3. Agreed completely. What the hell are they waiting for? For him to kill her?

  4. What if he beat up Dora? I bet they wouldn’t keep him on the ballot then.

  5. No way!

    Do they put child molesters on the list too, just to round things out?!

  6. If I wasn’t so fing busy I would be furious about this. As it is my head wants to explode. Come on, Moms! Let’s let them know how we feel!! And let me know who you are contacting and I’ll chime in later when I can actually breathe.

  7. But you know the sponsors were all about dropping Michael Phelps like *that*. Man this stuff pisses me off!

  8. That’s just wrong.

  9. If Nick won’t do anything, maybe the people involved in the awards show will.

    Miley Cyrus

    Jonas Brothers

    (for starters)

    Nick also has ParentsConnect
    ParentsConnect partners

  10. Very upsetting.

  11. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FLIPPIN KIDDING???! I am off to give Nickelodeon a piece of my mind…crazy!!!!

  12. Unbefreakin’lievable. A few of my daughter’s classmates (and some of my son’s too) have “crushes” on Chris Brown. This reminds me to be sure and tell her to let them know that he treats people poorly, and that he did something that he should have gone to jail for.

    No Kids’ Choice for us. No way.

  13. I think if they re-polled the kids they would take him off themselves. I know my son heard about what happened and he now HATES Chris Brown.

    Nickelodeon should think about what they are doing.

  14. Anyone know how the nominees are chosen to begin with? The whole “voting” thing is a bit dubious.

  15. Ah hell NO! That’s just not right!

  16. Lukas Byrd says:

    Chris Brown NEEDS to be punished. He can’t be let off the hook.

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