I Need a Remedy

Help me internt. You are my only hope.

I’ve got some hybrid head cold/ horrible allergy thing going on and I am desperate.

The Day Quil isn’t making it all better, the Tylenol Allergy Sinus stuff (which usually rocks my nasal world) isn’t helping.

I am completely stuffed up and my throat itches like crazy. It doesn’t really hurt, it just itches. I want to drink some sandpaper (or possibly the tissues I bought at Trader Joe’s yesterday which feel like sandpaper) just to make the tickle go away.netti-pot-neti-pot-netty-pot

I keep hearing that Netti Pot (Neti pot? Netty pot?) is the way to go but I am scared.

What say you?


Crap. Now I’ve done it to myself. The Black Crowes will be stuck in my head all.day.n. I need a remedyremedyremedyremedy…

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  1. Absolutely a neti pot is the way to go. And the traditional, sign-your-life-over-to-get-a-box Sudafed. The new non-meth formulas of sudafed are shit. You need the real stuff from behind the pharmacy counter.

    And a neti pot.

  2. another sue says:

    I gave in to trying the neti pot this winter. Never looking back. Amazing what a difference I feel. If it freaks you too much, my next remedy is peppermint tea. Experience peppermint tea. Warm your hands on the mug, inhale the fragrance, drink it as hot as you can stand it. Repeat.

  3. I love love love my neti pot, but it is intimidating. My friend who is scared of the neti pot recommends these ( same idea at neti pot):

  4. Though it looks creepy, there is nothing to be scared about when it comes to the netti. And oh how does it provide relief. And as a person who suffers from major Okie allergies, I highly recommend it.

  5. Aprylsantics says:

    Hey. I used to work in the cold/allergy pharmaceutical biz. You need to get an allergy med with clorpheniramine maleate, which is sold as Clortrimeton. The stores usually have a generic “allergy formula”. Also, like De in DC, you need to get the sudafed or even the generic version of pseudoephedrine (you have to sign for that, too). Get the 4-hour versions of both meds, so you don’t get stuck feeling the sypmtoms before a 12-hour med is done working.
    As for neti pots, many sing their praises. Some people just snort some saline or warm salt water to loosen everything up. Grooss.

  6. I have no idea about the neti pot thing. It sounds all natural and I like my remedies to have a lot of chemicals in them. I do, however, recommend the meth-filled Sudafed from behind the counter, and also, things like cutting out dairy and eating a lot of soup and really spicy food.

  7. Bump went out and bought a neti pot after our New Years Eve dinner with the Neti Pot Apostle. The one he bought is blue with a spout that looks like a circumcised penis. I call it Dr. Nosenpenis (Fletch reference, just, I don’t know). I can’t say Bump has become a convert, but that’s probably because I’m so busy laughing about the penis thing.

    Get thee to an allergist, woman. And yes to chlortrimeton.

  8. Sudafed shower soothers and a vaporizer.

  9. I love the Neti Pot but I would supplement with Advil Cold and Sinus. Feel better!!

  10. I always prefer the “walk it off” method, but I am utterly insane. I hope you find something that works and you’re feeling better soon!

  11. I’ve had the same thing recently. It turned into migraines, I finally went to the dr. yesterday. Carry cough drops with you.

    PS – Don’t you love how I am proctoring the FCAT?

  12. The itchy throat thing sounds like allergies and any OTC antihistamine will probably take care of that. How long has the nose thing been going on? Maybe go to doc and get your sinuses checked out.

    I have friends who use neti pot, but have never tried it.

  13. I’ve used a neti pot man, many times. I’ve also nearly drown myself with the neti pot many, many times. I did have some success the most recent time I tried it and it did seem to help me feel a little better. I say go for it. Most likely you’re not as clumsy as I am and you won’t die trying to clear you sinuses.

  14. Leeches.

  15. I like the neti pot but only use it when I’m desperate. Like, when I’m making noises with my nose when I’m trying to sleep. That shit drives me nuts. But it does work for clearing you out. However, if you aren’t careful about the mixture of salt and temperature of water, you can irritate the lining by doing it, so you’re back at square one. And you really need to keep up with it. Doing it once won’t accomplish much. Good luck!

  16. Tottaly the way to go I was all clogged up a few weeks ago and this really helped me. Good luck

  17. A neti pot saved me the day before I needed to go on a 4 hour flight. DO IT! You won’t regret it.

    Yes, it is a bit of a weird sensation…and isn’t the least bit pretty, but it will work. I swear.

  18. I got one of those alternatives to the neti pot that someone linked to (basically it looks like a mini water bottle you’d take to the gym). Aesthetically I found it more pleasing than the ugly neti pot, especially now that I’ve read Lumpyhead’s Mom’s take on what they look like. Works quite well. I also take the over the counter Zyrtec stuff from Costco, from March until about September, so I don’t rip my face off.

  19. I’m scared of the Neti Pot. I’m affraid that I’ll drown. My son and hubby get a lot of relief from one though.

    Sorry about the Day Quil not working. That stuff is the bomb. Rest as much as you can. Rest, rest, rest….

    Hope you feel better hugs!!

  20. I had the same thing (have it, actually) and it started about two weeks ago. Head exploding; Dayquil making me happy but not less congested; glances at the teapot thing.

    But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I toughed it out and now I just have some mild congestion. It got better.

    The pot scares me.

  21. I can see the logical appeal of the neti pot, but I too am scared. What if there’s a leak and it goes straight to my brain??? The remedy I suggest is tequilla. Make it a frozen margarita and you’ll cure the itchy throat. Make it fruit based and you’re taking vitamins. It’s practically health food. You’re welcome.

  22. Neti pot is the way to go! i have used mine for 3 years now everyday. i used to suffer from headaches and allergies. Now rarely am i sick and never have sinus headaches. Use it everyday in the shower works best. just use regular table salt one tsp. bend at the waist and start feeling better. nothing to be scared of.

  23. I’m alone in not being terribly impressed with the neti-pot. It helped me some, but it wasn’t as good as I had expected based on how everyone praises. But try it, worst case you’re out $12 and you end up inhaling saline and have a seawater taste in the back of your mouth for hours afterwards until you get the hang of it. Or maybe that’s just me.

  24. YES!!! My ENT told me to use it twice a day when there was even a tickle in my nose, and once a day the rest of the year. And the plastic one works just as well as the ceramic, and you can leave it in the shower. It has worked sonders for me – even cut back on the allergy meds.

  25. I had nasal surgery back in March of last year, and after it was done, my doc had me rinsing my nose out every few hours to keep it clean. I was given the option of buying a system like the Neti pot, or going the cheaper route. All you need is a nose bulb (you know, booger suckers for babies), and you mix 1 tsp of salt and 1 tsp of baking soda in 1 cup of warm water. Then use the entire thing, rotating between nostrils.

    I use this method whenever I get seriously congested. It takes a while, but eventually it losens things up, and I’m able to get the crap outta my head. Just be warned, whatever method you use, it’s definitely NOT a pretty sight!

  26. I heard Afrin makes a PureSea stuff that doesn’t involve having to fool with a neti pot. Also it might be cheaper?

    I haven’t tried either though. I’m terrified.

  27. if you haven’t already, go for the neti pot. flushes snot like 1 year old twins flush gobs and gobs and gobs of toilet paper.

  28. I think I have your bug too. Snort, snort, sniffle, wheeezee.

    I’ve tried the neti pot and thought I was going to drown. Then I was told I just needed to try it again and I would get used to using it. Still tried to drown. I don’t think it’s for me. But I have heard a lot of good things about it if you don’t drown while using it.

    I’m also a big fan of sudphed and not the PE version. You can still get the real stuff by asking the pharmacist for it.

    Hope we feel better soon!

  29. I’m way to icked out to consider one, even when my sinuses are screaming at me – however, I’d love to hear your review of the product! ;-]

  30. i have never used one but i recall some blogger put a vid up of her using one

  31. The Google offered up this YouTube of the neti pot:

    I also agree about finding something with the pseudoephedrine in it. Too bad you can’t find Actifed in the US anymore – that stuff always worked the best.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  32. I knew an old guy once who believed in drinking his own urine to cure a cold. I am not making that up.

  33. Okay – totally not doing that.

    I don’t care WHAT the internet says.

  34. Liquor. Lot of Liquor. It won’t cure you, but won’t matter, you’ll be happy.

  35. I use a version of it, NeilMed Sinus Rinse. I’d rather take real drugs but breastfeeding keeps me doing natural stuff. It offers a bit of relief, and is gross enough to entertain myself with.

  36. A shot of Bundy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bundaberg_Rum with a teaspoon of honey and a short dash of boiling water. Mix up and sip. Oh, and not sure Bundy is available outside Australia, but it sure is a fine excuse for a holiday, right?

  37. Only can say neti pot. and allergist. but neti pot. on claritin ready tabs myself right now. bless you and please to get some sleep for you. and me for that matter.

  38. Totally use the neti pot!! I use it when I get a bad cold and it goes away faster then when I don’t. I also load up on Nyquil. :)
    Hope you feel better!!

  39. The NeilMed sinus rinse works great. I was scared it would hurt but it doesn’t – the saline mix is buffered so it doesn’t sting. I just discovered you can take mucinex for a sinus problems, not just for a cough. It thins the mucus so it can drain out of your sinuses more easily.

  40. Throat itch = allergies. Try Claritin on a daily basis until the pollens settle down, and Benadryl to help you sleep at night. Take the Benadryl at night and you should pass out. The antihistamines in the Claritin and Benadryl should help the stuffiness and the itchy throat. I dunno if the neti pot will help, but it prolly wouldn’t hurt. Never used one myself.

  41. ZYRTEC!!! I SWEAR by the stuff, cold or allergies. I recommend it to all my friends and they love me for it. Even my big-baby-oh-I’m-dying-I’m-so-sick-whine-boo-hoo-husband took it and felt better.

  42. ArmyWife says:

    Go for the NeilMed Sinus Rinse. It serves the same purpose as the Neti Pot but without the whole drowning aspect. I use it after a shower so everything is all nice and lose. Tilt your head to the side and breathe out through your mouth when you’re doing it – less goes down your throat that way. Good luck!

  43. The neti-pot freaks me out. I always smell just-boiled tea for awhile and then try some nasal spray. I hope you feel better soon!

  44. HEH, Nasal rape!!

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