Come on Yolanda what’s Fonzie like?

If you ever tell your kids to be a couple of little Fonzies…

… and they ask who Fonzie is.

And you reply that Fonzie is cool.

Be prepared to google pictures of Henry Winkler all morning long.


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  1. THANK YOU! This is why so many people didn’t understand that whenever there is a reference to a Ponzie scheme, I laugh. And then I hit a jukebox and it plays a song.


  2. K – now I feel terrible old.

  3. Happy days – I watched it just before Laverne and Shirley – my nightly pre-dinner TV viewing.

  4. Sure, but dood! Have you seen Henry Winkler in the last couple of decades? He did not age well. Any reminder of this fact makes me feel old.

  5. omg. it’s like you were speaking to me out loud in your post. my name’s yolanda and i don’t get this reference. but i saw the title and i was all… holy rusted metal, batman… did i ever meet fonzi?

  6. Exactamundo.

  7. Pulp Fiction. One of the greatest movies ever made.

  8. I told a niece she was like a broken record and she said, “What’s a record?” Why is it the best sayings make me feel old?

  9. My Mom used to watch that show. I thought I was old.

  10. sueinithaca says:

    …and if your husband ever flippantly says “there’s more than one way to skin a cat” when your 4yo daughter asks why you’re peeling your grapefruit differently than she does, be prepared to get out the taxidermy books. Over dinner.

    Why do I even HAVE taxidermy books? THAT is the real question. Exactamundo!

  11. Been there. Done that. Have the “sheesh, Mom, you’re such a dork” faces from my kids burned into my memory to prove it.

  12. I was more of a Chachi gal myself.

  13. you are crusin for a bruisin! i was in the fan club! scary old i am. But Pinky Tuscadero (SP?) now that was a powerful gal!

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