10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Women’s Basketball

I’ve been wanting to write a post about women’s basketball for a while now and I had so many ideas that I wasn’t sure where to start. Then I was inspired by microblogging . (I love you Twitter.) Instead I will write ten short posts on why you should all be watching women’s basketball, and since we all love lists, I give you:

10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Women’s Basketball

10) Women’s Basketball Empowers Women

There is nothing quite like watching women’s sports to really understand how powerful women can be. Sure this applies to any sport, but basketball is particularly fun. If you want to get pumped about strong, amazing women watch Brittany Griner dunk. Did I mention Brittany is still in High School? She has a long career ahead of her. I know I’ll be following her and I know I’ll be following her progress.

9) The WNBA has a rule about education.

The WNBA has (in my opinion) a fantastic rule about player eligibility. Ideal draftees are 22 years old and have completed college (or are about to graduate). The WNBA isn’t drafting teenagers. This encourages young women who aspire to play basketball professionally to go to college and get an education.

I posted Article XIII of the WNBA Rules here if you want to read the actual wording of the rule. I just love the fact that this organization promotes higher education.

8) Sound Fundamentals

I know the running joke about women’s basketball is that the draw is strong fundamentals, which make for boring games, but I disagree. A well-executed play is like a dance. It is choreography and it can be beautiful.

7) Diana Taurasi

When I was pregnant with my twins and on hospital bed rest, I spent weeks watching Diana Taurasi lead the University of Connecticut to their third straight National Title. She was an exciting player in college and she’s even more dynamic in the pros. After 5 years with the Phoenix Mercury,Taurasi is still fun to watch.

Did I mention that Taurasi has her own blog? And believe me, Diana Tuarasi is one hell of a writer and is spunky to boot.

She also has two Olympic Gold Medals. You should be watching Diana Taurasi.

6) The NCAA Tournament

If you aren’t watching Women’s Hoops you are about to miss the tournament. The NCAA Division One Women’s Basketball Championship Tournament starts on March 21st. If you like watching the Men’s Tournament during March Madness you will love this.

5) Sponsors

The companies that sponsor the WNBA and Women’s College Hoops have wonderful campaigns to promote women’s sports. (e.g Addidas, Me, Myself and Nike Gamechangers ) Title IX won’t hold us forever. We need corporate sponsorship, especially in this economy where all non-academics are being cut out of school budgets.

4) Candace Parker

I could write a whole post on why you should be watching Candace Parker play, but I don’t have to because Allison Glock at ESPN already did. Candace Parker has it all. She’s the league MVP, Rookie of the year, AP Female Athlete of the year and she is expecting a baby in May.

Can you beat that?

Oh wait. I can. She is also business savvy. Ask Megan from Women Talk Sports :

Parker is demanding a different kind of attention… the kind that focuses on her talent and her story, not her sex appeal. And that is the most promising thing I’ve heard about the future of women’s sports in a long, long time.

3) The WNBA cares about bloggers

They really do. The WNBA is reaching out to female bloggers . I spoke with them personally and they answered endless questions when I was fact-checking this post.

2) Role models for kids

In the days where Chris Brown can be up for a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice award and Mike Vick and Charles Barkley are given as examples of athletes to look up to, we need to do better. I’m not saying that the NFL and NBA don’t have upstanding players because they certainly do. What I am saying is that it is nice for our daughters (and sons) to have professional athletes to look up to.

When I was in high school a great (female) basketball player could aspire to get a free ride to college and then at best win a National Championship and possibly coach college. Now a little girl can grow up and play basketball for a living.

1) Great stories

The WNBA has great stories everywhere ever you look:

Candice Wiggins lost her father (a professional baseball player) to AIDS when she was a toddler. She also lost her house in a fire and was hit by a car backing out of her driveway as a young child. Yet, Wiggins came out of a troubled childhood like a shining star. She takes pride in playing clean.

Read about Courtney Paris saying that she was going to pay back her entire scholarship if Oklahoma didn’t win the Championship .

There was the controversy when Becky Hammon played for Russia in the Olympics .

Pat Summitt has more wins than any other basketball coach – male or female. And she is still coaching.

I assure you there is more where those stories came from. So, have I convinced you? Are you going to start watching women’s basketball? If so, come on over for the NCAA tournament later this month, I assure you it will be on my television. I’ll even buy the beer.

Photo Courtesy ESPN the Magazine.

Special thanks to Megan Heuter and Liz Henry for helping me flesh out this post.

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  1. Hells yeah. I love that you wrote this.

  2. A-freaking-men. Or, should I say a-freaking-women?

  3. Yeah, if you see the comment above.. that’s exactly why I don’t like taking my family to watch women’s basketball

    First, in school girls sports are built on the backs of revenue producing boys sports and then they deny non-rev boys equal rights to even participate

    Then they get to be pros and whine that they aren’t paid like the men (because they don’t have the same tallent) and do as much as they can to focus on the girls and not the family.

    Until they stop treating my son like a second class citizen in school and in the areans – I really don’t care if the league dies off. I’d rather my daughter look up to women that treat the boys with dignity and respect

  4. By the way, St. Louis Athletica- the women’s soccer team – is doing a great job of marketing themselves as role models to the YOUTH soccer players, Not just the girls and they’re not comparing their skills (and salaries) to the MLS. Now that’s a team we can (and do support)

  5. Yes! Yes! Yes!!!

    I don’t watch the WNBA, but I can vouch for the NCAA women. If you want an inexpensive sporting event – where every butt in the seat counts – and the players will LOVE you – Go to your nearest college or university and see what I’m talking about.

    We got U of M women’s seasons tickets for $10. Yes. An entire season for $10.

  6. I stumbled this because I love women and they are more than objects men have sex with. They can take it to the hole.

  7. Great post and so true. The things these women are capable of is amazing. I think what I like most, as you mentioned, is the value they place on education. I played college basketball and then coached a Varsity team in Phoenix in the early 2000’s. The Phoenix Mercury organization was wonderful in community outreach. I took my teams to many games, behind the scenes tours, meet and greets with players and coaches and they were always very gracious.

  8. and a local HS team — Oakton Cougars — made it to the state finals this year, after a 30-0 (yes, undefeated) regular season. They lost, in the end, but it was a fantastic game and even carried on the local W channel! Yet — not covered in the Post. Bc the boys were playing. That’s the inequity that drives me most crazy.

  9. I meant CW channel. Sorry.

  10. Rafiq of the Many says:

    Needs more dunking. Seriously though, a person only has a limited number of hours to watch sports during any given day. If I am going to spend 2.5 hours watching sports, I am going to watch the biggest, fastest and strongest athletes available to me. 95% of the time that is going to be male athletes. Title IX is terrific, and and has had an enormously wonderful impact on the lives of women in particular and America as a whole. I am glad that sports are more accessible. However, I just don’t find womens sports as enthralling as men’s. Women’s sports are akin to broccoli. Great for the body and soul, just not top on my list when I’m footing the bill. I’ll take the steak or swordfish thanks!

  11. Go UCONN!


  12. So tru, women don’t have to dunk to prove athleticism. I coach a girls aau team in Houston TX, and it has been a wonderful three year ride. Yes, I have a daughter and a niece on the team, but love to see all the girls grow in the game. We have gone to the local playgrounds, and competed against men and boys the last three summers, won some lost some, but have gained everyones respect, win or lose. When r sports fans going to recognize that a basket counts the same withor without dunking. I really enjoy womens bball as much or more than men. REALLy!

  13. Thanks for the great post. Really watching women’s basketball is a different game than men based on teamwork. The women’s game is so much more about working together than brute force and I don’t find it boring. When I was in fifth grade it was the first year that there was girls basketball in the elementary schools where I grew up. It was a great experience that I think shaped my life in so many ways. Now there are hundreds of opportunities for my girls and it is scary that I can remember when it wasn’t the same.

  14. charles2 says:

    DUKE will face Conn in the final and they will rule!

  15. Yes!

    I’m a longtime UConn fan and am always delighted to find a fellow fan — particularly in the testosterone-driven fandom of D.C.

  16. womens is a better game, more teamwork, and more strategy.

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