Who’s The Boss?

The kids ave been playing “Star Wars” a lot lately. This generally involves Ian being Luke Skywalker and Claudia being Princess Leia. Often their father, Darth Vader, whom they refer to as Anakin, gives them permission to go to the movies.


Here is the thing, Claudia has been telling us that it only makes sense that she is plays Princess Leia because she is actually a Princess in real life.

Which is the back story that led up to this discussion.

Me: Well, if you are a princess, you know what that makes me?

Kids: blank stares

Me: The Queen!

Kids: And so Daddy is the King!

Gabe: So if I am the King, and Claudia is the Princess, and Ian is the Prince and Mommy is the Queen, who is in charge?

Me: The Queen!

Gabe (and those ungrateful children): The King is in charge!

Me: You guys are crazy. The Queen is in charge. The King is just the figurehead. Don’t you ever watch movies?

Gabe: Don’t make me have words with the church. I’ll go all Henry VIII on you.


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  1. That is too funny. When my husband’s friends joke with him and say, “Hey, don’t you wear the pants in the family?” he always says, “Yes, my wife lays them out for me every morning.”

  2. Hilarious. We had the same exact conversation in my house a few years ago. My girls totally knew the score on who was boss — Queen Bee. And they still do…

  3. What are you all talking about?

    Everybody knows Tony Danza is the REAL boss.

  4. I am totally the Boss around here. In fact, if you look in my husband’s cellphone, my phone number is even labelled “The Boss.”

  5. How funny! My husband is military special ops and he jokes with the guys in his squadron that it’s almost easier to take orders overseas than at home from his mean Italian wife.

  6. Do they forget that the current boss of England is a Queen, and her husband is only the “Prince Consort”? Maybe you should start calling Gabe that.

  7. It was either Princess Leia or Daisy Duke on the playground when I was a kid. Female role models were hard to come by. ;-}

  8. I have scars on my hands where I was chained (with a dog chain) to “Jabba” (a tree) while dressed in my bikini as a five year old. I grew up with a lot of boys and I was the only one who could play Leia.

  9. Have they ever offered your family your own sitcom? I would SO watch it!!

  10. LOL!!!! I say the king is in charge, but ssshhhh…don’t tell my queen.

  11. Long live the QUEENS!

    And by that I mean US, not some guys wearing pantyhose singing Liza on a stage somewhere.

  12. LOL! This is too funny. My daughter is always concerned about whose the boss. And I bet she wouldn’t agree on being a princess when she finds out that there is a Queen who gets to be the authority.

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