Scissors Cut Paper. IN YOUR FACE, ADAM!

“Mommy? Are they playing Rock, Paper, Scissors?”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”


Like most people who decided that they wanted some fine art in their apartment when they were in their early 20’s, along with a Dali poster, we bought this Michelangelo detail print from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.


Ian thought that they were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.

And God was winning.

Of course, he had no idea that these guys were God and Adam.


They say that art can be whatever you interpret it to mean.

While Ian’s interpretation might not be as awe inspiring as The Creation, playing a game that mind-numbingly boring and losing could explain the look on Adam’s face.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Ian rocks the house.

  2. Jeepers, if that’s what they were doing in the beginning, no WONDER Eve ate the bloomin’ apple.

  3. I prefer to think God would play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. 😛

    You have a great thinker there.

  4. I’m pretty sure Ian is brilliant. Clearly, Adam had a chance to save us all from the original sin, but the dumbass picked paper. Everyone knows you use the rock against God.

  5. Boring? Rock-paper-scissors?!! The most exciting game ever.

  6. That is the coolest art appreciation story ever, Ian rocks!

  7. Huh. And all this time I thought it was an artist’s interpretation of E.T. and Elliot. Ouch.

  8. But even if you use rock, God knows all so clearly we were fucked period.

    And yes Ian is a freakn’ genius.

  9. Great story! Ha! Ha!

    Thanks for visiting my blog…I’ll be back here! 😉

  10. It’s so obvious now — I wonder why I never saw it before!

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