Why Padma, Why?

Seriously, why would Padma do a Hardee’s commercial?

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  1. God I miss Hardee’s burgers.

  2. My son was so excited for this post. I think I pronounced it “Padme.”

    Big difference, it turns out.

  3. Why not? She’s a total fame whore. Her whispery voice on Top Chef slays me. I know she’s on narcotics.

  4. I didn’t know Hardee’s still existed! All the Hardee’s in Ohio, where I’m from, have gone out of business…

    Oh, Padma, for shame. GROSS.

  5. Ok, disgusted as I am that Padma stooped to that level, I have to admit I would totally do a Hardee’s commercial if I could look like that eating a cheeseburger.

  6. Um… Hardee’s is icky. And that commercial is…. icky.

    THanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. I live in the land of Carl’s Jr. (The bag in the top pic in your article) and we wont even eat there because the commercials are so raunchy.

  8. It’s like Heidi Klum launching a line at Kmart and still being the host of Project Runway. Blurgh.

  9. I love it. It’s totally hot, featuring two juicy subjects. Best food porn ever. Total sellout choice for her, but that image of her licking her wrist is a wonder to behold.

  10. ew. i feel a little dirty.

  11. There are probably half a million reasons she would do that commercial. Heck, I’d do it for an 1/8 of a million reasons. And, like her, I’ve never eaten at Hardee’s.

  12. I gues I would understand why it upset you so much if Padma didn’t suck so bad. I would rather Top Chef be hosted by Alex Trebek. No Lie. She suuuuuuuucks! Let’s talk about the real tragety here. The Recorded another season of “Project Runway” yet they will not release it!! Dear God! Help us.

  13. You know I saw her hawking something else that I thought was beneath her, but Hardees? I didn’t realize that Hardees still existed.

    It does kinda cheapen the brand of Top Chef. I’m not sure I like Tim Gunn schilling for Tide either, but at least that makes some sense.

  14. Ugh, that would be shilling as in the pitch, not Schilling, as in the pitcher.

  15. money money money MUUUUUUH-ney

  16. MULA!

    (that’s Spanish for sell-out)

  17. Why couldn’t she just wear the backpack? THAT is what I will always associate with Hardees, far more than any food they sell.

  18. I’m not a friggin’ prude, but can I just voice my objection to the sexualization of, like, every friggin’ thing imaginable?

    And when am I going to see George Clooney making love to a piece of meat? Oh yeah, never, because it’s only women who eat burgers with their legs spread.

    My poor girls. I have so much explaining to do, and hopefully they’ll listen.

  19. I’m guessing it’s because she was paid a shitload of money. She does, however, improve the look of that burger.

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