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Parenting Well is Hard

My son came to me sobbing. “What’s wrong? What happened? Are you okay?” “Claudia called me a poopy boy. And she meant to do it!” How am I supposed to not laugh? He was so upset. I felt like a real jerk laughing, but come on! Poopy boy is hilarious. In fact, I can’t wait […]

On The Upside, I Can Legally Buy Beer Now

Do you ever have those moments when you are suddenly sucked back in time and you simply cannot believe that you are a grown up? I was on a field trip today with The Goon Squad. We were at the zoo and we were looking at the big cats when I walked by a teenager […]

Questions for You: Music

Ah, sweet muse Euterpe. In my youth I was obsessed with music. First pop music, then metal, then heavier metal, for a while it was choral pieces and opera… I just love music. I remember asking my mom about songs that were popular when I was little and she said she didn’t listen to the […]

Randomness Part 128

Wow. There were a lot of continuity mistakes in the Twilight movie. * Only Matthew can be so sweet and so hilariously inappropriate at the same time. * Cake balloon decorations gone wrong. * Still funny. * Have you checked out In Three Words yet? It is a really fun blog. Your comments have to […]

Turn, Turn, Turn

There are times that I am proud of my kids and other times that I am shocked that I suck so hard at parenting. Other times I have both emotions at once. Like yesterday when we were getting ready to outside to plant some seeds that The Goon Squad got at preschool. I was feeling […]

Yes, I Love Her Too

Claudia and I were having a discussion about who loved who in our family. After she explained that Grandma loved me, and Nonny loved Daddy and clearly Great Grandma loves everybody I asked her who she thought I loved. She said “Grandma?” “Yes.” She said “Grandpa?” I said “Yes.” “Nonny and Papa?” “Yes”. Then she […]

Working on “Yes”

I say “no” a lot. I have two four year olds. They ask to eat M & M’s for breakfast. They want to stay home from school to play video games. The enjoy playing on the stairs. I have to say no a lot. Last night Devra gave a talk at my preschool. I’ve known […]

On Sarah and Camping

I’m not really the outdoorsy type. In fact, I fear nature. I like the beach, I like the ocean, I don’t mind open air cafes or football stadiums, but when it comes to outside outside I get a little bit squeamish. I don’t even really like going in my yard that much. Don’t laugh. Snakes […]

Well THAT Was Awkward

I have a wonderful neighbor that lives two doors down from me. This neighbor, we will call her Janet*, works at my kids preschool. So when my carpool driver got sick this morning I called Janet and asked her if she could drive The Goon Squad to school today. She said yes. (I told you […]

Not That You Care…

Today is my cats’ birthday. Yes, both of them.  Klaus and Sid were my practice twins. They are eight today. On a related note: How would you explain or describe catnip to a four year old?

Tell Me About Your Trip to Wine Country

I consulted with Twitter and now I will ask you. My husband and I are thinking about taking a trip to wine country (the one in California, I didn’t realize that needed to be clarified until I spoke with Twitter) for our 10th anniversary that is coming up in October. If you have been recommend […]

Do You Ever Get Photographers and Zombies Mixed Up?

Woody Harrelson has trouble distinguishing between a paparazzo and a zombie. Paparazzi: Zombies: It could happen to anyone. (I’ve been laughing about this for about 12 hours now and it doesn’t get any less funny.)