How Did I Get Here?

And you may ask yourself…

Why is Sarah doing the running man at a food bank with Spike from Top Chef and Devra?

And yes, I realize it sounds like an April Fools joke or a dream induced by drinking an entire bottle of wine while watching a Bravo marathon, but it really happened – and it was for a good cause.

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  1. You shameless hussy! (But that’s why I love you so :)

  2. Aprylsantics says:

    You are so much a better dancer than Spike, but I think you two could be dark horses on Dancing With the Stars. I do not watch that show AT ALL, but I would if you were on there with Spike.

  3. This is really impressive. Well done.

  4. That is a very good run at the run. ;-]

  5. Michelle says:

    you have to email me so we can talk, Eric is hosting party with Karla from Top Chef this month for the magazine (it is a food and wine festival that WNC magazine is sponsoring)!

  6. I want to volunteer with you guys next time – even if my running man skills will not be up to par.

  7. Very interesting to watch, while I’m taking my lunch break and using my work computer which has no sound.

  8. 1) I really hated Spike on the show and his annoying parade of BAD HATS, so I must know, is he a good dude?


  9. How cool is that! What’s Spike like? I loved him on the show.

  10. Wha wha WHUTTTTTTTTTT????????

    Dude, that is awesome!

  11. Why was Devra in a cage?

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