The Weirdness – It Runs in the Family

As my mother was passing out gifts to her grandchildren from her Africa trip I witnessed this exchange.

Ian: Did you take any pictures of an elephant’s butt?

My Mom: Yes!

And it was true.

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  1. How funny!

  2. Doesn’t everyone want a picture of an elephant’s butt?

  3. That is SO funny. I nearly fell out of my chair.

  4. BTW, I’d have totally taken a picture of an elephant butt…I’d rather take a picture of it walking away than charging me.

  5. It runs in my family too! I saw an entry on your blog from 2008 re: cowboy cats t-shirts with their butts on the back. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for this shirt!! I desperately need it for a gag. Where did you get the shirt? As I said, it runs in my family too….Thanks for your help!!

  6. Your mom went to Africa?!?!? Your dad too? Tell me more.

  7. MY mom totally would too.

  8. Sounds like an AWESOME Grandma!

  9. Knowing your mother, I believe it. However, I demand proof.

    Tell the family I said HI!!!

  10. I love elephant’s bums. They are so cute. I think your Mum is awesome.

  11. That’s not weirdness…that’s awesomeness!

  12. Oh, thank GOD, huh? Or Ganesh. hahaha.

  13. Googling didn’t satisfy the obsession, huh?

  14. Mine were hoping Mimi would bring them back a beer stein from Germany. Because all 7 year olds and 4 year olds need their very own beer stein’s right? She did not, but she was kind enough to bring mommy a whole crap load of German chocolate. Okay, it was for the kids, but you know, their teeth. It’s bad for their teeth:) Love your blog, saw you on Amalah’s site, will be back soon!

  15. Great minds (and slightly wacky ones) think alike!

  16. When I was a kid, I had a poster in my room of a Mama elephant and a baby elephant from behind. Elephant butts are cute? Maybe I’m just weird?


  17. Jillian is kicking my ass…thanks for turning me on to her. Are you still doing it??

  18. How could anyone leave Africa without that?

  19. That…is hilarious!!

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