Little Pitchers Have Big Ears

I’ve been listening to books on CD in my car for a couple of years now. I try not to listen to anything overly violent or sexual if the kids are in the car, but other than that I figured it was fairly safe.

I mean – my children never listen to me, why would they pay any attention to an audio recording of  “A Light in August”?

We just got back from a road trip that was 10 hours in each direction.

And Ian told me that one of his sister’s baby dolls just had a near death experience.

I guess they were paying attention when I was listening to “Spook” by Mary Roach.


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  1. Michelle says:

    too funny!

  2. Aprylsantics says:

    My daughter repeats to me parts of conversations I have had on the phone–when I thought she was not listening. Beware. But, I guess you figured it out already :)

  3. 10 HOURS in each DIRECTION?!?! Wow.

  4. Faulkner? Nothing like a little Joe Christmas to haunt your kids’ dreams…

  5. Sounds like a classic case of selective hearing to me.

  6. It’s a kid rule. They listen to what you do NOT want them to hear and they ignore what you DO want them to hear!

  7. That is an awesome book.

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