It is Over Near My Icebox

How I know I am getting old – I just referred to the “Soviet” Olympic basketball team as if it existed last year.

The Soviet Union was dissolved 19 years ago.


(You get this because Twitter is over capacity.)

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  1. Haha! Fail Whale? I always refer to anything Russian as soviet! Too bad! They’re stuck with it!

  2. It’s not your fault. All those countries being born and passing away…who can blame you??? (Really, ninetten years?? Holy cow!)

  3. My business partner made her daughter’s initial’s KGB because she was born the year after the Soviet Union fell apart, and she would never really understand what those 3 letters meant.

  4. I. Understand.

    Took my son to college orientation today.

  5. Hey, have you heard? I think Germany might reunite.

  6. I just bought this thing called a CD — it’s like a cassette, only it sounds waaaay better.

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