As the children were dying their Easter Eggs (Heathens still follow secular traditions for religious holidays. The egg and chocolate industries have won this round. *shakes fist wildly at the sky*) I found something disturbing under my dining room table.

Two whole dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets.

As a parent I have grown accustomed to finding food on my floor, but usually it is a few peas or some pasta or yogurt. This was different.

This had to be on purpose.

They were practically still warm.

When confronted, it turned out that Claudia has thrown the afore mentioned chicken nuggets on the floor so that it would appear she had finished her dinner thus qualifying for dessert.

Son of a…

It was deliberate dishonesty. She wasn’t even really surprised when she got caught.

So herein lies the problem. What is an appropriate punishment for a four year old for this kind of crime? Revoke dinosaur nugget privileges? Take away desserts? For how long?

Help me internet.

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  1. Jail?

    Seriously, we have a dog, so we don’t have these kinds of issues.

  2. Have had this same problem. Food stuffed under the rim of the plate to be discovered when cleaning up “AFTER” dessert. Chicken nuggets are not discarded in our house however, they are sold and traded on the Genuine black market. Usually one child gives another child a nugget for a favor or extortion or some other payment.

  3. No wonder the kids are rallying for a dog…must rethink this ploy.

  4. Hmmm…tough to take away dessert after the fact. You could not let her have dessert tomorrow, but by then the moment’s sort of gotten away from you. We use the “Naughty Box” system, where if he does something bad, something he loves like a stuffed animal or something goes in the Naughty Box, and he has to do something extra-good to earn it back.

  5. Remind her that Mommy always knows when she’s lying. And, whatever you do, do not mention how you’re proud of her ingenuity. Even though you are.

  6. Since it was dessert she was after, I’d say no dessert. No more than a couple of days, though, for a 4yo. Unless, of course, she does it again, then all bets are off.

  7. Ask yourself: what would the Yakuza do?

  8. Wait until tomorrow and let Zombie Jesus scare her straight.

  9. Yeah, forget what I said and go with the Zombie Jesus thing. That is a way better idea than mine.

  10. I wish I had some magic advice. If Dawson ever did this I wouldn’t have a clue, because Murphy (our dog) is always near him when he eats.

    Hey, wait a minute…

    I just realized there might be a reason for that!

    When you find the appropriate punishment, send it my way.

    I’m off to set up video surveillance of the dining room, now…

  11. I made my daughter eat the food that she had thrown on the floor. This grossed me out more than it did her.

  12. The Appropriate punishment? Ask the Easter Bunny, the Bunny will know what to do.

  13. sueinithaca says:

    Our standard punishment is no dessert, for one night. Longer than that and she forgets the original offense and starts thinking we’re the gestapo. If she’s already eaten the dessert, then we take away a “privilege” or declare a “consequence.” Often, these are really insignificant (to us, anyway) – you can’t play hide and seek before bed tonight, only three books instead of 5. Girl tends to freak the hell out at any punishment, so it’s easy to take something little away and get a large reaction. If it was the day before my period, I’d probably put the nuggets in the fridge and make her eat them for breakfast. It wouldn’t squidge either of us out, and might make a point about not wasting food.

  14. Make her clean Mommy’s toenails for a week.

    Seriously, you should get a dog and let it hang out under the table so that you won’t find evidence like that any more.

  15. No one suggested that Claudia eat underneath the table for the rest of her life?

    Sorry, I think I just channeled Dobson for a moment there.

  16. Let me know when you find a good answer for this. My 3 year old is deliberately lying to me over things like this. She once told me that she ate all of her lunch, so I gave her a cookie. I later found her lunch in the trash. Sneaky little shithead.

  17. Oh, I once found a whole piece of nugget in my son’s diaper. I was a bit concerned, until I figured out exactly what it was.

  18. Ask the easter bunny, yes, he will know. Kids are so good at this, once when cleaning out our delicate little kitchen cupboard, I found stashes of half eaten corn cobs! Clever children!

  19. I’d just like her to come over and give my 5 y.o. some lessons in telling the truth. We’d have had a chorus of not me’s even if their initials were on the nuggets in ketchup!

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