Do You Ever Get Photographers and Zombies Mixed Up?

Woody Harrelson has trouble distinguishing between a paparazzo and a zombie.





It could happen to anyone.

(I’ve been laughing about this for about 12 hours now and it doesn’t get any less funny.)

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  1. Seriously! I have read about a dozen variations of this incident and the entire thing just seems nuts. What is wrong with him?

  2. I read this last night and was pretty sure I was dreaming. Apparently not.

  3. Well, I mean, he DID just get done filming a zombie movie, and he was still, you know, kinda in character. It’s an easy mistake to make, under those circumstances. It’s one of the hazards of being one of this great nation’s finest actors.

  4. Do you think maybe he meant “cyclops” (or cyclopses, or cyclopsi?)instead of zombies? That paparazzi image DOES kind of look like a bunch of one-eyed creatures…but not very scary ones.

    He is known to smoke a bit of the kind bud, isn’t he? Maybe he’s now progressed–as Reefer Madness would have us believe–to hallucinogens?

  5. There’s something wrong with that dude, in, like, a Joaquin Phoenix kind of way.

  6. I think you’re being a little shortsighted, aren’t you? Zombies are the biggest threat of our day. Who do you think got to Billy Bob Thornton right before his CBC interview? Who do you think got to Tom Cruise right before his Oprah appearance?

    Ever since their leader left the White House on inauguration day in a wheelchair, they’ve been out for blood.

  7. It really depends what school of zombies you subscribe to. If you believe that zombies can shamble but still handle expensive photography equipment (and also chase after humans and operate motorboats) then yes, you could confuse a zombie with a photographer. But I like to believe that zombies are too dumb to know how to adjust shutter speeds and ISO.

  8. I’ve read about this twice now, I still can’t quite get my head around it.

    Does this mean we should all avoid the outdoors now?

  9. oh sure. getting zombies and photographers confused…that’s totally common. doesn’t everyone? it’s like getting nurses and vampires confused. or…my mother in law and frankenstein…

  10. I have been laughing at this blog for a very long time, can’t get the pics outa my head! I am a virgin blogger and adore your blog. Cheers from Australia Michelle

  11. I can see why Woody might get confused! 😉 Too funny.

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