Not That You Care…

Today is my cats’ birthday. Yes, both of them.  Klaus and Sid were my practice twins. They are eight today.

On a related note: How would you explain or describe catnip to a four year old?

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  1. Tell them it’s just like eating too much candy. You bounce off the walls uncontrollably. 😉

    Happy Birthday Guys!

  2. Happy birthday kitties! Tell them catnip makes the kitties happy. It’s the truth.

  3. Happy Birthday, Practice Twins!
    They are adorable and remind me of less- nuts-looking versions of Ben, one of my 2 cats. I like the candy comparison by Johnina.

  4. The candy was my first thought as well. But not just candy, it’s like marshmallow peeps dipped in chocolate, covered in rainbow sprinkles and topped with whipped cream, with a side of Reese’s Pieces and Heathbar Crunch…

  5. how freaking cute!!! Happy birthday kitties!

  6. Oh, but I do care! I do, I do, I do! My boys’ (twin orange tabbies) birthday was a quiet affair, but for their adoption anniversary last month, I celebrated with a new blog post featuring their antics every day for a week. Happy birthday, Klaus and Sid! I hereby send you electronic nozles (those nuzzly nose kisses)!

    Oh, and that picture is awesome.

    Yeah, I’d just tell the 4-year-olds it’s like chocolate. Really good chocolate. Chocolate that gets you high. Since they have already learned about vaginal childbirth, I’m guessing they know about drugs, too?

  7. Aprylsantics says:

    Awesome kittehs! Love their names, too. The catnip? Tell them it’s perfectly legal.

  8. I can’t believe that an Actual Mother of a 4-year-old would have to ask that question. It’s so obvious. You just tell them it’s just like smoking pot.

  9. I’d use the candy example. That’s a pretty good one. But I do like the way the commenter above me thinks. She made me laugh.

  10. Are they smiling or yawning?

  11. The first time I gave our cat catnip and she got that glazed look in her eyes and started eyeing the Doritoes, a guilty feeling came over me, like I was contributing to the delinquincy of a minor. So, since I can’t quite explain catnip to myself, I’d totally change the subject.

  12. Uh oh. You’ve officially “posted the cat”.

  13. are those your actual cats?

    if so, how did you get them to roar like that?

    this may be a stupid question… i’m not good at cats.

    Don’t ask me how to explain crack-I’m no good to you on that one.

    Happy Birthday Kitties! Be good-I know your Mothers. (yes, all of them.)

  15. I guess Kitty Weed is out, huh. Bummer.

    Happy Birthday, Klaus & Sid!

  16. Oh, Happy Birthday, Klaus and Sid! One of our kitties totally ignores catnip, whereas the other one (they’re both from the same littler…go figure) is a complete junky.

    I’d just say it’s like candy. Lots and lots of candy. :)

  17. Happy B-day kitties from the Eight!!! I was thinking soda….. caffiene? Perfectly legal!

  18. Compare it to Popeye eating spinach. He has so much more energy after it…the kitties do too! Maybe it will encourage them to eat their veggies. :)

  19. My kids know it as “Kitty Krack”, LOL. Kitty gets krack and goes insane. It’s why kids aren’t allowed to have any.

    No, seriously! That’s what we taught them.

    Okay, we explained it as that, but they just go “Oh, like when we have too much sugar,” LOL.

  20. 1. You have CAT twins too? Weird.

    2. I go with candy for cats.

    3. Lookit! They’re hugging!

  21. Today was our cat’s birthday too! Miles Chai is now a 1 year old.

    And tonight Mitch walked up to me, held a bottle up in front of me and asked, “Can you explain why you are putting WEED in the soup?”
    Dill Weed! Dill weed. It’s different than weed weed!

  22. Happy b’day to the cats. As an aside, I had to come up with an explanation for catnip for my 5 yo twins yesterday. I gave them the “cat candy” too rather than bring in that whole cat pot thing :)

  23. Your Mother says:

    Oh, how could I forget my grandcats’ birthday??? Especially when it is such a memorable day. Happy B-Day Sid and Klaus – your cake is in the mail……

  24. Weird! That’s my favorite client’s twin cats’ birthday too. And mine.


  25. aw, your kitties look just like my kitty!

  26. I like the Popeye and Spinach example. Or like coffee for grown-ups maybe.

  27. Happy birthday!! They are very cute! I would say that it’s like chocolate for kids.

    Makes them very happy, excited, jump up and down.


  28. OMG, best cat picture ever. And I’m giggling at “practice twins” 😀

  29. It’s like candy for cats. But not normal candy, this is like the best candy ever!

    But only for cats. Not for humans.

    If I ever have kids, they will end up eating catnip, won’t they?

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