Well THAT Was Awkward

I have a wonderful neighbor that lives two doors down from me. This neighbor, we will call her Janet*, works at my kids preschool. So when my carpool driver got sick this morning I called Janet and asked her if she could drive The Goon Squad to school today.

She said yes.

(I told you she was a wonderful neighbor.)

I walked the kids over to her house with an extra car seat for the ride and I helped strap them in.

Now, I don’t want to over complicate things, but this is important to the story. Janet’s garage does not face my street.

It is important because as I walked out of her garage and around the house yelling “Bye! I love you!” the neighbor who lives in between us was out in her driveway.

And she was looking at me funny.

This middle neighbor seems nice, but I don’t know her very well. It is one of those situation where there is a language barrier and you can communicate if it is really important, yet after living next to someone for three and a half years you are embarrassed to ask her what her name is for the eighth time.

She doesn’t speak English very well, but I am guessing she knows what “I love you means.”

I can’t help but wonder who she thought I was talking to.


If you hear any rumors that I am in love with Janet or her husband you will know how they were started.


*Because that is really her name.

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  1. If I were you, I totally would have faked buttoning up my pants. And stumbled a bit with a big grin.

  2. lol! What a funny story! I have trouble remembering my neighbors name too!

  3. Of course, you could have then just waved at neighbor-in-between and given her a happy, “I love you, too!”

    Which might have brought her to the conclusion that you’re a nutcase, but no big loss there.

  4. Rolling laughing at TwoBusy’s comment…

  5. That is too funny. I would have probably made things worse by trying to explain it.

  6. At least it gives them something to talk about! Too funny

  7. I honestly thought that stuff like that only happened to me. At least your neighbor probably won’t tell any English speaking people the rumors. Only the people who speak her language will know how much you love your neighbors!


  8. Everyone already knows about you and Janet. Bring us some new news, please.

  9. Oh, the joys of Suburbia. I was reminded today its Spring, the windows are open, people can hear me yelling!

  10. I love Janet, too. You whore.

  11. I’m going to scream out “I LOVE YOU JANET AND SARAH!” at your preschool on Monday night instead of just giving a parenting talk and discussion as previously planned.

  12. Yeah right. I have heard about you Desperate Suburbanite types. Heh heh.

  13. Dude, you totally love Janet, you can just admit it!!

  14. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little neighborly love…as long as everyone keeps their pants on.

  15. Did you blow a kiss, too? Because, otherwise? Just so much words, y’know.

    Snort. XX

  16. Thanks for the laugh, that was so darn funny!

  17. Sounds like you and Janet have become the most interesting neighbors on the block. heehee.

  18. i love two janets. i wonder if your neighbor is one of them. does she have a blog?

  19. nice way to ‘cover up’ your indiscretions when the rumor hits the blogoshere 😉

  20. Okay, here is when I know I have issues. I would want to spread the rumor for fun. In fact, next time I saw both neighbors together, I would kiss the nice neighbor full on the mouth, and then just wink at the one I barely knew. Seriously, they hate me on my block.

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