Yes, I Love Her Too

Claudia and I were having a discussion about who loved who in our family.

After she explained that Grandma loved me, and Nonny loved Daddy and clearly Great Grandma loves everybody I asked her who she thought I loved.

She said “Grandma?”


She said “Grandpa?”

I said “Yes.”

“Nonny and Papa?”


Then she stopped. She hadn’t even mentioned herself even though both children complain that I tell them I love them too often.

I said “What about some short people that I love very much?”

And Claudia said “Devra?”


And after I stopped laughing and got up off of the floor, I said –

“Well, yes. I was talking about you and Ian, but I love Devra too.”


ps – then I called Devra.

pps – then I wrote this post.

pps – then I asked twitter so I used who and whom correctly.

ppps – My kids are having a dance party in their underwear.

pppps – If I join them can I skip my workout later?

ppppps – I’m keeping my clothes on for the dancing. Those two know no cold.

pppppps – Okay, now I’m done, for real.

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  1. Is she short or are you 11 feet tall? It’s hard to tell from that photo.

  2. The joys of working from home. I tried to start Underwear Dance Party in my office and was roundly ridiculed.

    I’ll get even one day….

  3. Twobusy, I am indeed that short. I don’t even hit 5′.

    Unless I am wearing my Dom boots, then those add another foot or so to my verticality. (I’ve decided to add “ality” randomly to illustrate my total dislike for the word “functionality.” feh. Function functions just fine.)

  4. HA! And now you can refer to Devra as a little person forever with no repercussions. No? I’m the only one who would do something that annoying? Lol.

  5. I know one other short person who loves you very much!!!!

  6. What … heads on a stick don’t get any love? ;O

  7. This made me laugh. I love you. I love you all. The metro area blogworld is all about the love. (At least little corners of it.)

    Go Claudia! 😉

  8. Oh dear lord, that’s funny.

  9. That is So funny. Kids are always willing to tell the truth. My 8 year old student saw my headshot and said WOW that’s you? you look so young in that picture that must be from a long time ago! I might start wearing make up to teach.

  10. That. Is hilarious.

  11. That. Was. AWESOME! I wish I had Devra around more often so I could look taller (I’ve got a whole quarter inch on her) LOL

    I miss you all. Coming to BlogHer?

  12. She didn’t get the fact you were asking while on the floor? Clearly you were hinting it was Rugrats!DUH! 😉

  13. Bwahahaha!

    Kids do say the darndest things! Who knew?

  14. Omg that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

  15. Oh so cute!

    That makes me miss both you and Devra.

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