Turn, Turn, Turn

There are times that I am proud of my kids and other times that I am shocked that I suck so hard at parenting.

Other times I have both emotions at once.

Like yesterday when we were getting ready to outside to plant some seeds that The Goon Squad got at preschool.

I was feeling pretty good. I had completed all of my assignments on time, I met all of my deadlines and I still had time to do good learning projects with the kids. We were going to plant seeds in our “garden”. (You know how I feel about outside, but I suck it up for the kids.)

That is when my four year old son said “Let’s get the fuck out of here.”

I froze in horror.

It was just us, but my baby had dropped an F bomb. I was shocked.

But I was also oddly proud. Good usage, son. English is a tricky language, but he seems to have it down.

My boy is ready for kindergarten. I hope kindergarten is ready for the boy.

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  1. Yowsers! At least he used it correctly.

  2. Must’ve picked it up from The Backyardigans. Pablo gets pretty colorful sometimes.

  3. Apparently, while watching her dad play ‘Left For Dead’ (insert ironic snort here!) Caity yelled ‘This is our neighbourhood BITCH!’

    She apparently learned this from Family Guy…since we don’t watch it..but do know there is a Star Wars Family Guy laying around the house somewhere..hmmmm

  4. Attaboy, Ian. You might be saying that a lot on your camping trip. Ha ha ha ha hah. You’re going CAMPING.

    I’m at work all weekend, but I think that’s better than camping.

  5. LOL!!! That is so funny! I said it the other day in the car and my daughter said, Mama..did you just say fuck? Ummmm, yes I did. LOL.

  6. Nice. Isn’t it great that he has a firm grasp of the English Language? Maybe you should start him on Spanish now since he clearly has English nailed?

  7. I used the f word when I was 4 and I turned out just fine. In fact, I’d say early use of the f word might just be a predictor of future success. He sounds like he’s going to be a lawyer! (That’s a good thing…)

  8. We get a lot of dangling “What the….?”s
    around here. Thanks, Spongebob. (although like you, I’d really prefer the inclusion of the “f” for the “h” if a filler was mandated. For now, I just say, “That does not sound nice…”

    Hope the boy has an effin’ cool K teacher…

  9. What a brilliant child!

  10. Funny timing, just today I was in a group of friends, including one expectant father, and someone counselled him to start cleaning up his language now, “because you never forget the first time your toddler says the word fuck.”

    And all us parents just nodded and smiled at each other. We’ve all been there!

  11. Ha so funny and shocking at the same time. Welcome to my world. My 4 year old daughter can’t pronouce her “F” sounds so she comes out with “Suckin Hell”, which is a blessing really! And we do not swear (alot) in our home.

  12. Madison tells me to quit bitching at her daddy alot….LMAO!!! She’s 3 and has it down….I’m in SOOOOO much trouble when she starts real school.

  13. Yes, I have to admit that those moments make me feel proud too. At least he’s been paying attention!

  14. You and yours rock, you make me and mine seem ‘normal’.
    My boy seemed to struggle with saying truck and spent most of his time pointing out all the fucks on the road… or perhaps that was him copying me swearing at the traffic?

  15. So much funny in such a short post. You don’t “suck at parenting!” Seriously, your kids rock.

  16. Madison told me today that she was sorry for being an asshole. (something I’ve NEVER called anyone around her) I obviously told her that she shouldn’t say words like that to which she replied, I’m really sorry for acting that way and for saying asshole. I had to leave the room to laugh.

  17. When the Bear was 2 we were walking past some garbage cans that were set by the curb. SHe turned to me and said “Grandma something smells like shit”. I simply replied yes, baby something surely does. Context ftw!

  18. Yes our generation’s children are going to be an interesting bunch. We’re either in for great things or we’re doomed.

  19. My two year old daughter was playing with cars and had them lined up like a traffic jam, then cut some off with another one while saying “Damn it! Who the hell taught you how to drive?!”

    How can you scold a child for simply doing what they see modeled? That’ll be a great story for the social worker doing our homestudy eh?

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