On The Upside, I Can Legally Buy Beer Now

Do you ever have those moments when you are suddenly sucked back in time and you simply cannot believe that you are a grown up?

I was on a field trip today with The Goon Squad. We were at the zoo and we were looking at the big cats when I walked by a teenager who was wearing the tour t-shirt of a death metal band that I hung out with back in high school.

Suddenly I was hyper aware of who I was. I was a 36 year old suburban lady standing at The National Zoo with my nearly five year old twins chaperoning a preschool field trip.

How the hell did that happen?

It was like my 17 year old self* was standing there looking at me as I am now.

She was surprised.

It isn’t that I don’t have pretty much everything I ever wanted. I do. I am happy about where I am in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not done yet, I have a lot yet to accomplish, but I feel like my life is on the right track.

I just can’t believe it all happened so fast.

Sometimes I feel like I was teenager 15 minutes ago.

*Shut up. You had the claw too.

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  1. i know what you me about it all happening in the blink of an eye. i still feel like the same person, too.

    and, no, i never did have the claw. all my friends did, but i safely managed to stay away from it.

    i’m such a rebel.

  2. It is kind of amazing how something so minor can swoosh you into another reality.

  3. it’s funny that you wrote this today because just yesterday, I had a very similar flashback to my 14 year-old self. I was doing something pretty basic to me now, but that at 14, I just could not master. I had this image of 14 year-old me seeing me and thinking, “Dang, I grow up to be cool!”

    If I could only please one person with how I turned out, I would want it to be that girl I was.

  4. HA! I saw one of your Flickr comments about the 1985 song. How dead on IS that song anyway? Cracks me up every time I hear it.

    I feel this way all the time…the fact that I bought my parents home and am living in the same house I grew up in probably doesn’t help either!

  5. The claw, the perm AND the airplane wings… thank GOD there were no digital cameras back then!

  6. I’ve been feeling like that too. Even though everything is great, I wonder what happened to me & how it happened so fast.

  7. Sometimes when I sing bedtime songs to my kids, there’s a moment when I feel like I’m their babysitter.

    We were at National Zoo on Friday, btw.

  8. Yep-I’ve had that experience a lot lately. You know, being pregnant and all.

    As you may recall, I didn’t do the whole claw/perm thing. Actually, I’ve never even had a perm!!

  9. egplnt21 says:

    Yes–it was at the drug store last week, buying saline spray for the baby. As I paid, I glanced at the “must be born on this date or later” sticker on the counter, and realized that kids who were born as I graduated from high school could now buy cigarettes. Like, when did we get this old?

  10. After seeing that picture I am even more convinced that you and I would have been best friends in high school.

    So yes, I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about.

  11. I have those moments of realization too and they FREAK ME OUT! I start thinking, “When the hell did I become a grown up?!?!?” It happens with being a mom as well. There are moments where I’ll hear my daughter calling “Mommy” from down the hall and I’m like, “Uh….what? Who? Oh, shit. That’s ME!” Who let THAT happen!??!

  12. Crap. I think that happens to be every. damn. day.

    WTF happened here!? LOL

  13. I was shocked the other day to find that it had been FOURTEEN years since I’ve graduated from college. 14?!? Really? I feel like it was yesterday that I was drinking my fill of Natural Light. The upside to that is I can afford much better beer these days.

  14. DC Sports Chick says:

    I know EXACTLY what you mean- I’ve been feeling the same way.

    I’m jealous that you were able to get those bangs; I never could master it.

  15. TOTALLY.

  16. Yes, I had that same thought ALL day on Tuesday. To prove my adult-ness, I woke up and ate dessert for breakfast yesterday. Because I could, and that is what adults do!

  17. Memories.

    Last time I was at National Zoo was at Ratt’s glorious pinnacle. The bobcat there mauled my friend Wayne’s finger (so that’s why the sign says ‘do not touch’). Love connections were made with the young ladies on the trip, with their rabbit-fur coats and baggy sweaters. Good times.

  18. Totally. In my head I’m still cool. But to the youngsters, I’m invisible.

  19. It’s amazing isn’t it? There are times when I feel like high school was just a few years ago. It blows my mind that I’ve been a “graduate” for 26 years.

  20. Oooh, I’ve been there. I was chatting with a saleswoman a couple years ago and discovered that she and I graduated from schools in the same athletic league. I started asking her about the people I knew from her school. She gave me a very strange look. Then it occurred to me to ask when she graduated. Turned out she was a good 10 years younger than me. Yipes!

  21. Yep, it flies by in the blink of an eye. Just as long as we don’t lose ourselves in the process, it’s all good.

  22. Yeah. I’m 36 too, and it hits me on a daily basis. Especially when my husband tries to make some point by telling me that I’m almost 40 – and he’s right!

    I would have been so envious of you back then though. I tried to get the perm, but, it didn’t take and just ended up a frizzy mess.

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