Parenting Well is Hard

My son came to me sobbing.

“What’s wrong? What happened? Are you okay?”

“Claudia called me a poopy boy. And she meant to do it!”

How am I supposed to not laugh?

He was so upset. I felt like a real jerk laughing, but come on! Poopy boy is hilarious. In fact, I can’t wait for the opportunity to accuse one of you of being a poopy boy (or girl, but somehow boy is funnier).

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  1. I love the idea that she “meant to do it,” rather than having it been said by accident. I would have laughed, too.

  2. That’s as funny as my youngest brother calling his older brother a “Green Butthead”. That was 15+ years ago and we still call each other that! It’s a great tension reliever-you can’t help but to laugh.

  3. I had my first real run-in with the “I don’t love you anymores” from Rosebud last night. She kept saying it, over and over again, with such passion.

    Contrary to what Buddy expected from me, I couldn’t contain my laughter. I really couldn’t. I have no idea why, but it struck me bloody hilarious.

  4. Molly went through a phase of “Turd Head” thanks to my brother-in-law. It was *hilarous*.

  5. “And she meant to do it!”

    Wonder what she would have called him had she *not* meant to do it.

  6. You could always show him the video of Poopy the Puppy on my site today. And tell him that Poopy things are really cute!

    (I so would have laughed, too)

  7. Poop is always funny, unless you step in it.

  8. it seems like the times when my baby is most pissed off are the funniest. thanks for reminding me that it IS okay to laugh.

    my brunette sister once offended me by saying my blonde hair looked like pee. i of course retorted with the obvious “well YOUR hair looks like poop. you’re a poop head.” i got in trouble. she didn’t. and she started it!

  9. but she ‘MEANT’ to do it…

  10. I am so bad about laughing at things like that. And then the poor child just gets more upset. You are so right – this mothering thing is hard.

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