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In Which Sarah Exploits the Bad Economy

I just bought two nonstop airplane tickets from Washington DC to San Francisco for under $500. Total. I just got a reservation for two at Le Bernadin on a Friday night with less than three weeks notice. A couple of weeks ago we finally broke down and bought the DSLR I had been coveting for […]


Just when I decided another day was going to go by with nothing new to write about. Just when I decided that I was either going to post a the picture my husband took in Chinatown of a 5 lb. bucket of duck sauce that he was found sitting near some cat carriers (oh how […]

Cullenism – The Twilight Religion

Sick of Christianity? Is Judism boring you? Do you enjoy Islam, but don’t want to give up bacon? Try the new Twilight religion – Cullenism.

got twins?

I actually have a t-shirt that says “got twins?”. It is from a fundraiser for my mothers of multiples club. I’ve been thinking about it because my blog friend Nora is due to have her twins any minute now. I am supposed to be giving her advice on children’s books for her blog shower (my […]

Penis Envy? Not Me.

As a woman, there are certain things about being a man that mystify me. Like, wouldn’t tight jeans be really uncomfortable? and If you are wearing boxers does it just fall out sometimes when you are walking around? and If you stand up to pee what happens when you are surprised by poop? Well lucky […]

Preemptive Nostalgia

I am starting to get nostalgic about my preschool. Well, not MY preschool, but The Goon Squad’s preschool. I feel like I just got a grasp of the whole routine. I am sad that I only have two co-op days left. I am going to miss the teachers. Picture from Claudia’s school ballet recital. Yes, […]

Hallowed Be Thy Bakugan

Ian (to my Mom): I have a fire type Bakugan but it was consecrated. My Mom: Your Bakugan was consecrated? Me: You mean confiscated. Ian: Right. Confiscated. My Mom: That makes a lot more sense.

Okay, But Your Grammar Could Use Some Work

Ian and me are pretty smart for childs. –  Claudia

It Was Cliché, but it Looked Shady

Mistake #1: I was trying to bake egg-less brownies from scratch. Mistake #2: I never looked to see if I had sugar. It turned out I did have sugar. I just didn’t have two cups of it. So I did what you do. I called my neighbor. “Hi. It’s Sarah. Can I borrow a cup […]

Another Post That Involves Barf in My Car

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you think I have so much to do this week, I don’t even care if everything turns out well I just want to get to Sunday without having a heart attack? I am having one of those weeks. The Goon Squad has a birthday yesterday. Claudia […]

I’m a little Verklempt.

Five years ago, on this very day, the doctor pulled two people out of me. They were born almost six weeks early. Ian was only six pounds, eight ounces but next to Claudia he looked huge. She wasn’t even five pounds when she was born. She was so tiny I was afraid to change her […]

The Brainwashing Continues

The ads on Cartoon Network are truly infiltrating my kids minds. Ian has a friend over and I just witnessed this conversation. Greg: Oh look! Bendaroos! Ian: We’re not old enough for those. Greg: No, they are for kids of all ages. Claudia: You only have to be 18 to order them. * Proof that […]