Less Cowbell

Less Cowbell

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Last night was the one and only time I ever heard anybody say “We need less cowbell.”

And yes, that is Caps game being blocked by the enormous percussion instrument.

Don’t let anybody tell you that lady bloggers don’t care about hockey. I was not even the most interested person at the DC Metro Moms / Quaker Oats / Good Stuff Eatery event last night. Nor was I the person talking the most trash – and that hardly ever happens.

Go Capitals!

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  1. Right on, sister!

  2. Name names. Otherwise, I don’t believe it for a second.

  3. Hockey is the one sport I’ve never gotten into. I guess I just didn’t grow up with it here in Kansas. There was a playoff series with Anaheim a few years ago that was pretty exciting, though. I cheer you on in cheering on your team.

    But for me, it’s baseball season now. And in case you hadn’t noticed, Zack Greinke of the (first-place) KC Royals is the best pitcher on the planet.

  4. That was a great game last night !

  5. Last night was so much fun.

    And I was just glad to not be home to fight with my husband about it.

    Rock the Red! C-A-P-S CAPS! CAPS! CAPS!

  6. the few hockey games i have been to have been loads of fun, but for some reason it isn’t a sport that i ever watched!

  7. Right sport. Wrong team. Go Blackhawks!

  8. Also, the Stanley Cup is the coolest trophy ever. I love that each team member gets it for a day.

  9. That is a big cowbell.

  10. LOL!

    You are priceless…

    “More Cowbell !!!!!!!!”

  11. Oh I soooooo love hockey! Hubby’s a Blackhawks fan, I kind of followed a player… I’ve been a huge fan of Oshie’s since I saw his first college game at UND, so I’ve been rooting for the Blues this year… The Caps were the first team to get me into hockey though, so I still have a soft spot for them.

  12. I can’t imagine who you mean? And can’t believe you left out the minor detail of the ghost of PWNED SERVED Sidney Crosby roaming Capitol Hill. 😉


    This was so much fun.

  13. OK, so I will try not to be hurt that practically every DC area blogger except moi was in attendance at the get-together. Because at least you all were rooting for the Caps. 😉

  14. My best friend went to Mississippi State and they have cowbells galore over there – such an aggie school!

    And go Red Wings!

    Sorry, you can take the girl out of HockeyTown, but you can’t take HockeyTown out of the girl!

  15. Nancy,
    We were fairly confident you didn’t want to miss the Caps game. If we screwed up by making that assumption, well you know what happens when someone assumes.

    I would be the ass.

  16. Life’s just too short for less cowbell :)

  17. Was it me??!

    I’m just so sad the boys couldn’t do it tonight in Pittsburgh. It’s probably because we weren’t all together to cheer them on.

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