The Mystery Flowers

Yesterday when the Fed Ex guy rang my doorbell I assumed that it was one of the many things we ordered
for the Goon Squad’s birthday on Tuesday.

But it was a bouquet of flowers.

For me!

And it came without a card.

I asked Gabe if he sent me flowers. He said “No, but I should have.” (I thought that was a pretty good answer) It isn’t from the kids, or my parents or my in-laws.

It is a lovely spring arrangement and I have no idea who to thank.

I would think maybe they delivered it to the wrong place, but my name and address were on the shipping label.

Here are my only theories:

1) I sit on a few advisory boards. Maybe one of them sent the flowers and forgot to take credit.flowers_arrangement_springvase

2) I have done some consulting work for a large organization. About two months ago they asked for my address so that they could send me something. I never got anything. Maybe they sent them.

3) I have a lot of jobs, freelance and otherwise. It is possible that one of the blogs I write for sent them to me. Possibly for mother’s day.

4) I won a contest for a bouquet of flowers and then forgot about it.

5) I have a secret admirer.


I am going to guess that #5 is the least likely since I am grumpy, I can’t seem to stop gaining weight and I don’t bathe nearly as often as I would like to. But who knows? Maybe some people like that.

Did you send me flowers?

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  1. Oh, these are the best kinds of mysteries.

    Much better than the ones than the ones where someone leaves burning turds on your porch.

    Not that it’s ever happened to ME.

  2. No, but I should have.

  3. Aprylsantics says:

    No, but maybe it’s an appropriate time to finally send those damn ponies! I suck.

  4. LOVELY LOVELY surprise! Hope you find out the sender…or not. A good mystery of love is always fun.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Mater de Goon Squad!

  5. Surprise flowers are great!

  6. Hey, I got flowers yesterday too. From a mother-board I joined. Are you on that one, too?

  7. OK, you’ll find out soon enough anyway. I sent them.

  8. I got them too, and just recently joined that same mother board. Mine came with a card from them. My guess is that that’s where yours came from too…

  9. As much as I think flowers brighten up a room, I don’t like the “presents” the cats leave me after eating them. Hope you don’t have the same problem.

    Don’t even talk to me about gaining weight – nothing like being pregnant and chubbing-up all at the same time. Huff!

  10. Smelly and Grumpy? I admire those qualities in you, but don’t tell you=know-who.

    I’m an old grumpy dog who loves to have a good stinky aroma, we should hang out.

  11. I was going to suggest option #5 right away! How nice to have fresh flowers in the house.

  12. Did you find out who sent them?

    If not, you’re welcome! :)

  13. You’re welcome. The dinner and candlelight should arrive this week.

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