The Brainwashing Continues

The ads on Cartoon Network are truly infiltrating my kids minds.

Ian has a friend over and I just witnessed this conversation.

Greg: Oh look! Bendaroos!

Ian: We’re not old enough for those.

Greg: No, they are for kids of all ages.

Claudia: You only have to be 18 to order them.


Proof that they do listen. Just not to me.

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  1. That is really impressive AND a wee bit scary.

  2. Honestly, we’re one of “those” families who monitors what our kids watch and how often, what they listen to, what they read (I know, I know), but they still know every word to every jingle on the airwaves. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN! It’s a problem.

  3. Speaking of brainwashing, my 6 yo started a conversation the other day with, “Hey Mommy! I lost 41 pounds on Nutrisystem!” I could not make that up.

  4. What is it with kids and things to buy off TV??? My 4YO tried to get me to buy water globes. Um, we have TWO plants. If I can’t water TWO plants then I am lazier than I previously thought.

  5. That’s exactly why we don’t have TV here. People don’t believe me when I tell them my 7-yr-old gleefully reads books for entertainment. Dump the box and they find other ways to keep themselves amused.

  6. Aaaaa, we see those same annoying Bendaroo commercials on the west coast. They’re taking over!

  7. my oldest comes in all the time to tell me there is something on tv that I must “CALL NOW” for. Like it’s seriously important.

  8. Must have brought tears of pride to your eyes. I know I tear up when those types of things happen to me.

  9. Oh my god, I know! Don’t get me started on that damn Disney channel either.

  10. I can’t really judge, seeing how my teenage son and I get up at 2 AM every Sunday morning to watch Code Geass on Cartoon Network.

  11. Oh man, my 4yo told me he was taking his “hot lips phone” to show and tell (from the Noggin commercials). He also said “what is this, Russia?!!” when I offered him something he didn’t want to eat (from the BK commercial.)

  12. Funny that you mention those…. My son has beeen begging for those too! Isn’t it funny what they pick up. And those watering plant globes? He begged me to buy those too!

  13. I have overheard very similar conversations between my kids.

    And they keep pestering me to order those darn Benderoos!

  14. Dude, that’s terrifying. I’m terrified. For you. And all of us.

    Get ye hence, Bendaroos!

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