Another Post That Involves Barf in My Car

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you think I have so much to do this week, I don’t even care if everything turns out well I just want to get to Sunday without having a heart attack?

I am having one of those weeks.

The Goon Squad has a birthday yesterday. Claudia also had her ballet recital last night.

In our co-op each child gets a “school birthday” where they get to be special helper and bring a special birthday treat. That means their mom is in the classroom all day. The parent brings a regular snack (a protein, a starch and a fruit or vegetable for 20 people) and the birthday snack – cupcakes for Claudia and brownies for Ian.

Except Ian and Claudia are in different classes this year. So Claudia’s school birthday was today and Ian’s school birthday is tomorrow.

And the brownies for Ian’s class cannot contain any egg or anything made in a factory that makes anything with any nuts in it.

Friday, my parents come into town. Friday night we have our family birthday party with all the grandparents and the local family.

Then Saturday – Oh, on Saturday we are having their kid birthday party.

I invited everyone in each of their classes.

If everyone shows up we will have 32 kids.

And that is assuming nobody brings any siblings.

I think I mentioned yesterday the kids have their heart set on a Bakugan Cake.


Which I cannot find locally.


Okay, so shockingly, I am pretty much on top of most of this. But then on the way to school this morning, Ian puked in the car.

Now I have several problems including, but not limited to:

1) A child may not attend school if they have thrown up in the past 24 hours. No school for Ian.

2) I have to go to school with Claudia. All day. (Well, all morning. From 8:45 to 1:00)

3) I have not yet figured out a way to be in two places at once.

4) Swine Flu!

5) Ew. Barf in my car.

6) My poor baby!

7) Crap. Tomorrow is Ian’s school birthday. If he is sick he is going to be devestated and I have to find someone to cover for me in the classroom.

All that plus, what if the kids are sick for their birthday party. Sure, the disappointment will be terrible, but it was also expensive.

Now that I have rambled on in a post that is already too long for my own attention span, I will wrap this up quickly.

My father-in-law was not only able to move his morning meeting and lunch appointment, but he was only 15 minutes away from the Goon Squad’s preschool and willing and able to pick Ian up and take him to his house while I was at school with Claudia.

When I brought the boy home he seemed fine. He wasn’t feverish, he didn’t feel bad. Swine flu seemed unlikely.

Then he noticed that I brought home the extra cupcakes from Claudia’s school birthday.

He wondered if he could have a cupcake with sprinkes and frosting since he already had one without.


Oh yes, he had eaten the runt cupcake (you know, the one that ends up being half sized because someone might have eaten a little bit of cake batter while she was cooking watching her husband bake the cupcakes) that went unfrosted and unsprinkled and also sat our on the counter all night.

And was probably licked by the cats.


It also explains the brown vomit in my car, the cupcake wrapper in the trash, the guilty look on his face after breakfast and the tummy ache.

And he is going to school tomorrow. Vomit or not.

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  1. You just made me feel so much better about my day. Like a whole lot better.

  2. Oh too funny. Or it will be next week when this week is all over. 😉

  3. At times like this all you can do is just hold on and push through.

    And crack open a cold beer.

  4. Before I got to the part about Ian throwing up, I thought you were going to say YOU threw up! Glad it’s not the Swine Flu. Hang in there – it’s almost Sunday and it sounds like you totally have everything under control – (except maybe the Bakugan cake.)

  5. Aprylsantics says:

    Random barfing. It always shows up when you least expect or handle it.

  6. ummm- it will be over soon.

    I had an idea about the cake, how about one of those “picture” cakes, you know giant or whoever will put a persons picture on a cake, but just take in a picture of that Bakugan thing.

    Good Luck

  7. My son was throwing up on one of his birthdays too, so I feel your pain. It all happens at once. Just think, next week will be totally uneventful!!!!

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