Hallowed Be Thy Bakugan

Ian (to my Mom): I have a fire type Bakugan but it was consecrated.b2redtentaclear_bakugan_fire_type

My Mom: Your Bakugan was consecrated?

Me: You mean confiscated.

Ian: Right. Confiscated.

My Mom: That makes a lot more sense.

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  1. That is one blessed Bakugan.

  2. OMG, that is funnn. If I had a nickel for every time my boys talked about Bakugans I could quit my job and buy a remote island in the tropics!

  3. Oh I love Ian (and Claudia). The things that come out of kids’ mouths. Too much. LOL

    Donovan keeps telling people that when his sister (the 4yr old) is crying, it’s embaressing. While that could hold true if it was in public, we’ve discovered he means it’s annoying. Too much. LOL

  4. I’m so sick of Bakugan. Any discussion of “this does this” and “this one has XYZ power” and “mom, watch this!” and another little part of my brain dies. I try to save it, but it just dies. Sigh. Looong summer ahead…

  5. That’s funny, but not as funny as it would have been, had I known what consecrated means, and not had to look it up first. Those kids and their fancy words.

  6. Damn, your kids have some impressive vocabulary. (or is it vocabularies? My grammar is not so excellent.)

  7. I’ll say something relevant after I Google Bakugan. Was it on Family Ties? No?

  8. Yes but your headline is the best part of all, and they don’t even appreciate it yet. Stupid kids.

  9. Where did he hear the word consecrated?

  10. I always confuse that word with bukkake. Sorry, it’s not intentional.

    Thankfully my boy has not caught the bakugan bug. Pokemon was bad enough.

  11. Evidently I was mispronouncing “Bakugan”.

    I’d never seen one, didn’t know what it was, only saw it written when you sent me an email asking about a “Bakugan cake”.

    Younger son informed me it’s not “Back-You-Gann” I’m beginning to see a pattern emerging of what happens to my pronounciation if I only READ the word and never hear it prior to me trying to say it myself.

    And all Sarah needs to think about is “WiFi” and she will instantly know of what I speak, or in this case, mispronounce.

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