Cullenism – The Twilight Religion

Sick of Christianity? Is Judism boring you? Do you enjoy Islam, but don’t want to give up bacon?

Try the new Twilight religion – Cullenism.


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  1. Hallalujah, amen.

  2. Me too but apparently as with all religions there are divisions – this one between Edward and Jacob, who is, I admit, also way cute.

  3. Where do I sign up?

  4. Now that’s a church I’d join!

  5. Yes, indeedy! My oh my.

  6. Ah yes I am a member. Well sort of, Meyer was a genuis at this, but maybe not the best ever. Unless she carries this story line on FOREVER. Then I could consider her the bestest!

    I love Edwards character, who doesnt, but that boy who plays Jacob sure has grown up… yummy!

  7. Has it really come to this? Why am I not surprised… haha!

  8. oh wow this is fail twilight sucks

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