Just when I decided another day was going to go by with nothing new to write about. Just when I decided that I was either going to post a the picture my husband took in Chinatown of a 5 lb. bucket of duck sauce that he was found sitting near some cat carriers (oh how I wish he said it was a lie, but no) or the picture I took at the craft store of black hearts with pink skulls in them stickers (Claudia and I thought they were cool, Ian said they were stupid) I overheard this conversation between my children.

“It is sort of like a satellite for his penis.”

“Yeah. I think you are right.”

I think I am going to have to rewind this episode of “Special Agent Oso” again because I definitely missed the part about the penis satellite.

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  1. Oh, THAT part.

    And please post the duck sauce photo.

  2. Oh, yeah. The satellite penis. You don’t know about that? Sheesh.

  3. That is too funny and I think I don’t want to know what the penis satelite is either.

    Thanks for visiting our blog.

    Dorothy from grammology

  4. A penis satellite? Hmm. I’m picturing one of those science projects kids make of the solar system … you know, the kind with the planets dangling from wires attached to the sun. Might be kind of cute, but potentially painful.

  5. Um. Wow. Those are 2 things I would never put together in a sentence.

  6. ?

  7. Maybe it was one of those “male enhancement” commercials?

  8. Seriously, cannot stop laughing here. Will keep my eyes open for that episode!!

  9. You always make me laugh so hard, I spit my tea into my keyboard (and elsewhere). Thank you. Please send paper towels.

  10. Maybe it was “It is sort of like a satellite for his *pianist*”?

  11. I think satellites orbiting penises for longer than four hours need immediate medical attention.

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