In Which Sarah Exploits the Bad Economy

I just bought two nonstop airplane tickets from Washington DC to San Francisco for under $500. Total.

I just got a reservation for two at Le Bernadin on a Friday night with less than three weeks notice.

A couple of weeks ago we finally broke down and bought the DSLR I had been coveting for three years when it finally came down so far in price that it was affordable.

But I’m waiting to buy my new couch, because I know the economy blows and that thing has to go on sale soon. There cannot be that many people as desperate for new living room furniture as we are, right?

**attempts to use the Jedi mind trick on furniture store**

Nothing yet. But it will go on sale and then the new couch will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine. Then I will sit in style and comfort until one of the children or cats vomits on it for the first time.

I’m thinking I’ll have at least a day and a half.

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  1. Love this!

  2. You forgot to include an “evil genius at work” cackle.

  3. I did the evil genius laugh cackle in real life.

  4. If I were to go buy something somewhat expensive right now, it would be a water heater (a tankless electric one).

    So, I’m kind of jealous of you.

  5. Just like anything else, you can haggle a price on that couch! Set a price you want to spend and go in and see if they’ll match it. If not, walk away until they do. :)

  6. So jealous. I love cameras and good food, and expect details on both…

  7. we are upgrading houses. I even feel bad saying it. The houses market has tanked so much we can afford houses we never used to be able to afford. If only mine will so.

    Totally exploiting the economy.

  8. You know what? It’s not exploiting a bad economy, it’s supporting it. My father always said, “Save money when the economy is good, spend money when the economy is bad.”

    No wonder he can afford the stuff he buys. It always amazes me. However, I did tell him to stop spending my inheritance. 😉 He just laughed.

  9. OMG! So glad you posted this. I just got the most wicked package deal to take the kids to Sesame place. Best vacay eva! I felt crappy that people are getting laid off left and right and I was yucking it up with cookie monster. Glad I’m not alone in enjoying the spoils.

  10. We went to Disneyworld a couple months ago thanks to the rotten economy. In “real life” we’d never be able to afford such a thing. So, yeah. I’m sorry the economy sucks, and yet… yay!

  11. merseydotes says:

    I just bought a Roomba for $150 and got new carpet for about $2.65/square foot. I wish we had the money to exploit the recession even more.

  12. Between cats and kids, our furniture is also not exactly haute mode. It’s very comfortable for us, but I’m sure the vague bits of remnant food, fur and other child secretions make them scary for anyone else to contemplate.

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