Why I Don’t Homeschool

I'm Going to Homeschool Her

Yes, I spelled poop and made them read it. When they figured it out we laughed and laughed and laughed.

Now accepting applications for homeschool spelling deviants.

You didn’t get Ian standing near “turd” because we lost the U.

Heh, I said turd.

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  1. OMG…

    Sarah… you kill me with laughter.

  2. What?! This makes you perfectly qualified!

    I would be your student.

  3. If laughing at that photo makes me an unfit parent, well… it’s a long list, and we’ll just add that one onto page four.

  4. You don’t need a u to spell shit.

  5. I’ll send you my kids to homeschool. Just as long as they’re out of mine for a while.

  6. I think you would make an excellent homeschooler. You seem committed to your duty to produce children with excellent vocabulary and language skills.

    (Hee, hee. I said “duty!”)

  7. Why wouldn’t you homeschool? Those are excellent words!

  8. Ha! It’s a favorite word in this house too, me being the lone spoilsport, who won’t let the kids call me idget. They had to come up with nicknames in walter the farting dog, that book isn’t silly enough…China, Boobie and Walt. ‘Course my husband also teaches them about spinodal decomposition.

  9. But they are reading right? SO what is the problem?

  10. Awesome reading lesson!

  11. Just thought I’d point out that you could turn the C on it’s side to make a U. Just so you know. 😉

  12. Applied learning FTW!

  13. woohoo – kids actually excited by reading and spelling, you are on a winner there. Do you want me to send you our U so you can continue the lessons. My U can even come with a bonus of a few kids if you are interested!

  14. Poop – gets em everytime. You can get kids to do anything by saying or referring to poop. You SHOULD be teaching. My kids would have done better in math if the teacher had them count poop or use poop in word problems instead of apples.

  15. My son is always complaining that kindergarten is no fun.

    I’m sending him to you for a little summer school. He would have a blast spelling and saying “poop” and “turd” all summer.

    And if you threw in “pee” and “fart” I am sure he would proclaim you Teacher of the Year!

  16. Rosebud would be all over this action, as all things scatalogical are her forte at the mo.

  17. I hate the word turd. I just grosses me out for some reason.

  18. ACK, you had me rolling at turd. Can’t help it. Guess it’s the 12-year-old inside me that still LOVES the word turd!!! Thanks for the laugh!

  19. Wow I think our families are on the same wavelength. Cambry now announces that she has a secret, then she crawls up in your lap and whispers “poop” in your ear. I love my kid.

  20. Love the facial expression, classic. She is so pleased with herself…

  21. Aah, the refrigerator is our celebrated blackboard/canvas, too. But quite frankly I’m appalled that you neglected to point out to your dear children that the word “poop” is a perfectly wonderful palindrome! No doubt, my wily urchins raised their hands in their classrooms more than once to offer it as an example, to the horror (and utter amusement) of many. Thanx for sharing!

  22. the first word my cousin ever read was “butt”. I wrote it on a Magnadoodle and showed it to her. Good times.

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