The Circle of Life

Last night my father taught my son how “pull my finger” works.

It isn’t as if he waited until the twins were five to show them, but now Ian has the secret.

You have to wait until you actually have to fart.

Last night Ian pulled off his first effective job. He rushed over to me “Mommy! Mommy! Quick! Pull my finger!”

And I did.

And it was good.

It’s the circle of life and it moves us all.


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  1. haha Graham is already looking forward to teaching this to our child…

  2. I hear you. Last night, my 12-year-ol said, “My balls itch.” And then proceeded to fart three time, cackling the whole time. Boys.

  3. lol, thats to funny.

  4. And I’ll bet he was truly proud right ? Cuz that timing thing is kind of tricky. Especially for those unexpected farts.
    We haven’t quite perfected it yet. But my husband taught my son the term SBD and well he knows how to properly use that one.

  5. It takes a quite a woman to be the mother of boys and be able to laugh at them instead of being horrified.

  6. DH taught Ally that trick a few months back. She’s a master at it.

    I have very little chance of surviving in my house.

  7. Timing is key when it comes to “pull my finger.” That and Volume.

  8. Makes you proud of your family heritage, doesn’t it? Next up…armpit farts.

  9. And that’s why Dad Gone Mad links to you.

  10. My daughter is going to be such a lady. She loves those kinds of jokes, too. Usually she puts her butt on our legs and farts.

    I’m not worried about her dating. Ever.

  11. Now that’s living the universal dream. Awesome.

  12. Josh showed me he can do leg farts. Arm farts I understood,but leg farts were new to me entirely.

    I’m going to tell you, Ian’s farting education has just begun…

  13. OMG, that is hilarious!

  14. I love it when families pass down traditions.

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