Goon Squad Will Make You Jump, Jump

Every day my children get dressed. Every day they put their pants on backwards and their shoes on the wrong feet.

On purpose.

About 50% of the time they will also put their shirts on backwards.

Is this some sort of preschool trend I know nothing about?

Is Kris Kross making a comeback?


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  1. Will you still respect me in the morning if I confess that that Kris Kross cd was the very first cd I ever bought?

    No? I didn’t think so.

  2. I thought my kids were the only lunatics who did this on purpose — nice to know I’m not alone!

  3. You’re not alone. My daughter tied a big Dora compass to some string and wore it around her neck the other. She was totally channeling Flavor-Flav

  4. Reflexively, I went to House of Pain’s Jump Around…although I don’t think they did the KrissKross fashion move…

  5. I remember those jackasses; kris kross, not the goons.

  6. Frank Sucks says:

    Ya mean Kris Kross went away? Actually saw them last night in the MJ video with Jordan and Heavy D (I think)

  7. That shit is old skool.

  8. Do their pants have zippers? It’s not easy to zipper your pants on backwards.

    My family calls me Kris and one time at a party, my mom said “Should I warm it up, Kris?” And I was like “I’m about to! That’s what I was born to do!”

    My brother and I laughed for DAYS!

  9. I guess your kids are just retro cool. Is Kris Kross old enough to be called retro? Seems like 5 or 10 years is all it takes nowadays.

  10. They have obviously taken Petman’s popular “how to dress yourself” class, featuring Petman’s patented style.

    That’s the only possible explanation.

  11. Michelle says:

    must be the age, Gabriel does the same thing.

  12. My preschooler is totally in on this trend too. Shoes ALWAYS on wrong feet, shirt backward about 50% of the time.

  13. Ever told a kid “Your shoes are on the wrong feet.” and have them burst into tears and scream, “These are the only feet I have!”?

    The day may come…

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