How I Became the Most Hilarious Mother – Ever

This morning I told my kids that if they drank dish washing liquid they would toot bubbles.

They think I am the greatest comedian that ever lived.


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  1. So, are they now hiding out in the kitchen downing the dishwashing liquid?

  2. OK, don’t ask me how I know. But you are a goddamn liar.

  3. Ew!
    But you know I’ll have to try this one on the boy now!

  4. Better call poison control and find out what they recommend ahead of time.

  5. Don’t worry. These clowns won’t even drink juice.

  6. My youngest would have taken a big ole swig. Just to prove me wrong.

  7. Isn’t that awesome? Don’t you wish all audiences were that gracious?


  9. I would never tell Ada that – she already likes to drink bathwater, and this would just be added incentive to drink soapy water.

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