Randomness Part 129

When I was in high school there was this one guy that went to school with us that said he was a vampire, but I always saw him in the day time and I lived in Tampa. Sunny Florida is no Forks and this guy neither melted nor sparkled. Im also pretty sure he ate food. I think he was lying about the vampire thing.

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If you want to see some crazy mixed with bad grammar you should check out the comments on the post I wrote over at MamaPop when Michael Jackson died.

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Does any one here own a ton of Radiohead music?

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Luke Skywalker Lego figure

I’m looking for a Luke Skywalker Lego man for the boy. Besides ebay, does anyone know where I can get one without buying the $500 Death Star set? We went to the Lego store and they had no Lukes. Ian was traumatized.

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  1. No idea on Lego Luke, but if you stalk Target long enough you’ll eventually find the little midget Mace Windu that comes in the two pack collection, even though he goes on Ebay for $50. Took a few months, but they finally restocked him. Maybe they will restock Luke too!

  2. We have a couple of these: http://shop.lego.com/ByTheme/Product.aspx?p=852554&cn=472&d=322

    But for whatever reason, none of the sets have Luke or Han Solo. My two have been able to survive on Obi Wan, Darth Maul and Darth Vader though.

  3. I own tons of Radiohead music! I loved them like whoa in high school.

    Why don’t you want to look for Luke on ebay? They can really good for stuff sometimes!

  4. Here’s Luke on ebay.
    Yes $20 with shipping is steep for a Lego man but it beats paying $500 for the set or a sad boy.

  5. A link would be useful (I can’t brain today, I have the dumb)

  6. Maybe you know someone in Orlando that could go to the Lego store & find out. OR – you could go to e-bay. They have some, just depends on how much you want to pay.

  7. You could buy the Anakin figure set and tell him it was Luke when he still lived with his aunt & uncle.

  8. Michelle says:

    too funny, once again we have a similar situation. we have no luke, actually no luke or light saber. I guess the fact that the kids hung out together in the womb and were born 4 days or so apart had some influence on them.

  9. Hey, who was the vampire in H.S?

  10. Have you called the Lego 1-800 number? You can order any part from them as long as you have the part number which you can get from the instruction booklet from a set that he is used in. You could probably even find the part number on line if you looked hard enough.

    And if you lose or break a Lego piece and call that number, they will send it to you for free. (Well, that is they will do it for the FIRST part you call about. Any other part will cost you.)

  11. You know you want the $500 Death Star. You know you do.

  12. Can you cut out the picture of Luke and tape it to a toilet paper roll?

  13. I’m assuming you need the one of him in his tatooine gear (the cream colored robes with blue light saber?) I know my kids have to have JUST the right one or else it’s not good. Here’s one for $24.98


    or here:


  14. This is my favorite comment ever:

    “stop hating on michael. he have never hurt no one.my loves goes out to his family. and not you all broke BITCHES'”

    I mean, where to start?

  15. If you find a Luke cheap somewhere you just gotta tell me! Sometimes my boy has his Anakin and Darth Vader minifigs fight each other – he’s pretending Anakin is Luke but it’s still pretty existential!

  16. Aunt Bob says:

    Our Luke came with the x-wing.

  17. Those comments were awesome! Especially the 6 year old princess!

  18. Sasparilla says:

    I have ALL (or at least very close) Radiohead!!! 😉

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