Time for Me to Abdicate the Drama Queen Crown

My daughter is asserting that if I make her clean her room she is going to die.crown

I maintain that nobody has ever died from cleaning their bedroom.

Can you guys back me up on this?

It appears my time has come to abdicate the Drama Queen crown.

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  1. OMGosh that is too darn funny and I’m sure I will be getting the same reaction in about an hour when we start cleaning the rooms too!

  2. No, no one has ever died from cleaning her room. But children who do not clean their rooms are sometimes lost in the mess and die slow and painful deaths – unless they can find that pb&j they put on the bookshelf in March.

  3. cleaning rooms does not lead to death. NOT cleaning rooms however have been known to be quite deadly. especially to ones social life.

  4. Huh. I thought I won that award when someone emailed me and told me they weren’t reading my blog anymore b/c I was such a drama queen.

  5. I am not dead. Given the state of disorder that oven reigned in my room, I would undoubtedly have died were it actually possible to die from cleaning a room.

  6. It’s awfully difficult to prove a negative.

  7. AprylsAntics says:

    In the film “About Shmidt”, which is a very long, slow, and ultimately disappointing story about a retired man played by Jack Nicholson, his wife died while vacuuming. Technically it does fall under the umbrella of cleaning, however, she was in the living room and not a bedroom. I’m not sure if it was the vacuuming or the fact that she was kind of old that killed her. They never elaborate.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t let Claudia see that movie, especially since there is a naked Kathy Bates scene and even though I really like her, no one needs to see that.

  8. I doubt that it is actually possible to die from cleaning your room, however, I don’t want to take that chance myself.

  9. I have cleaned many rooms and am still alive to tell about it.

  10. Well if she’s going to die from cleaning, might as well have her do the whole house! You know, while she’s at it.

  11. Yes, the whole house. And windows!!

  12. That’s why I don’t clean, I may die. Of course I’ll call Claudia & back you up!

  13. I’ve never died from cleaning my own room, but there was the time I thought about dialing 911 when I cleaned Shortman’s.

  14. Once when I was in high school, I took a break from washing dishes, and fell asleep on the kitchen floor. When my mom came home and found me there, she thought I was dead. Does that count?

  15. My daughter told me last weekend that God and Jesus don’t want her to clean her room. Fortunately, I was able to convince her that I have more commanding power in y house than the Lord. Sweet

  16. I’ve threatened to kill my kids if they DON’T clean their rooms, so technically she has the basis for some sort of argument such that a room plus some act of cleaning may or may not result in death.

    I rest my case.

  17. Your Mother says:

    Just point out to her that you are still alive – and somehow managed to have a social life despite my demands that you clean your room EACH and EVERY Friday before you went anywhere!

  18. Once, there was this kid, and he DIED by inhaling the dust in his room. Yeah, my friend Julian has a friend who has a friend who has a friend who knew him.

  19. Oh Sarah, I hear you. If she has the crown, my 13-year-old has the chalice. Is there anything one can give a teenage boy so that he’s as sensitive to the scent of a gym bag as his mother? My sins revisited upon me…

  20. I think you should run out, and buy the biggest, pink, frilly dress you can find. If we’re going to act like the queen, you must dress like the queen. 😉

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