Justify This

Why would one center justify their blog?

Unless it was poetry.

Doesn’t this look odd?

It looks like a poem,

but really it is just me being a jerk.

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  1. Odd, Yes.

  2. I think it’s a poem about you being a jerk (not that I think you are a jerk, just that you wrote a poem about it).

    Of course, that could be because it’s center justified. Or it could be because the whole thing is meta.

    Or, I’m just really weird. Your call, really.

  3. Almost

  4. And now, this will win a Webby for best haiku blog, I’m sure.

  5. left right or center
    politics and poetry
    to be justified

  6. Have you considered left align?

  7. I center under my pictures. Because my personality will not allow the writing to not line up underneath. The one post that isn’t all centered? Yeah, I can’t look at that one without having a fit. However, at my old blog I didn’t center. I also didn’t post pictures.

  8. Thank you. Hilarious.

  9. This just shows me how centered you are.

  10. It looks like haiku
    but really it is just me
    being justified

  11. Aren’t blogs self centered anyway?

  12. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! *deeeeep breath*


    That. Was. Awesome.

  13. Look at you, being self-centered and all.

    I only center for poetry, captions under photos, or for particular emphasis of something. An entire post centered, though? No way.

  14. It’s Almost As Bad As A Friend Of Mine Who Posts All Her Facebook Status Updates With The First Letter Of Every Word Capitalized.

  15. I have often wondered that very thing myself.

  16. That is the best jerk poetry I have ever read.

  17. i like jerks.

  18. People do this?

    It’s almost as bad as the FORTY YEAR OLD WOMAN I know that writes LiKe THiS aND oNLY THe VoWeLS aRe LoWeRCaSe.

    I unfollowed her on Twitter because of it.

  19. i really don’t like the new look. can you go back to left-justified? i might have to stop reading. heh.

  20. Ohhhhhh pretty

  21. How very modern and unique of you! If you could just throw in a few of these……..and these (), it’d look great!

  22. Yeah, don’t love it. But it’s especially bad with a flush left (or right) sidebar.

  23. Big no-no.

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