Not a BlogHer Recap, Well Sort of a BlogHer Recap. It is what it is.

This happens to me every year.

I come back from BlogHer and suddenly I have nothing to say.

It is almost like I feel as if I have already told you everything.

In person.

I did forget one to tell you one thing. Claudia got her first loose tooth while I was in Chicago. I know it is completely unreasonable, but I feel like I should have been there.

Okay, I don’t want to talk about that anymore.

Look a these pretty pictures.

Leaving Chicago

Laurie and Sarah

Catherine, Amy and Tracey

Suebob, Laurie White and Devra

From the MamaPop Party

Heather Spohr at Community Keynote

Sarah and Samantha

Trying to Get to the Party

Devra and Alison by Rock Hall

I know what you are sayin', Mean Joe


Me and My Lauries

No, I can’t explain how I have 247 pictures and none of them are of me and my roommate.

I won’t even try to recap the week. It has been done already. Suffice it to say that I somehow avoided the swag mobs and I was so moved by my peers that I want to be a better writer. Don’t let anyone convince you that BlogHer isn’t worth it. I have been four years in a row now and I have gotten something different out of it every single year.

I mean that in a good way. These women inspire me. I don’t mean to be overdramatic about it, but I think the Community Keynote may have actually changed my life.

And unless my brother or my sister-in-law (who both got engaged this weekend – congratulations, guys) plan one of their weddings on August 7th (please don’t plan your wedding on August 7th) I’ll be in New York for my 5th BlogHer.

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  1. I loved and adored hanging out with you.

    And that second picture of you and Lori is amazing.

  2. so, are backpacking dad’s teeth really that perfect? they just seem supernaturally straight and white. i mean, i’m not trying to break his balls or anything, i’m just wondering.

    and that top (dress?) you are wearing in the last photo? looks amazing on you. if i had that top and looked that good in it i would wear it every single day.

  3. Okay. I’m going. All of this happy aftermath (and faces of bloggers I gleefully follow) is simply too much to resist. I’m in for ’10. Hope to meet you there!

  4. love the pics glad you had a good time.

  5. I love the pictures! I’m glad I got to meet you. I would have loved to have spent more time with you, but I was the queen of awkward. I hadn’t figured out what to say past hello. Maybe next year, I’ll get as far as, “Hello. How are ya?”

  6. Yay! BlogHer in NYC!

    We’ll sing, right?

  7. I heard some kind of negative reports about BlogHer – but it looks like you had a good time and got a lot out of it, so that’s all that matters!

  8. Great pics! So glad you had a good time.

    I’m bummed, though, that I didn’t get to meet you in person (I had to leave a day early so missed a lot).

    Hoping to make it to Blogher ’10. If they don’t sell out too soon.

  9. Dude, as long as it didn’t fall OUT while you were gone, it’s ok. That would have been horrible, so that it’s only loose is actually a huge relief. Let me tell you how to feel about this, isn’t that nice?

    I might have a picture of you and Vicki (y?) (ie?) I haven’t even dealt with mine yet, as I’m busy pretending I’m 22.

    Saying the community keynote changed your life is not overdramatic because you have a soul…it changed mine. Not that you were there or anything. Wanna read my post? 😉 Seriously, I think this year was even better. Crazy good.

    Here’s overdramatic: I miss you! Punch me! I have inane things to tell you! 😉 And now I’m writing you an e-mail in a comment which is ridiculous so I’ll stop. Except to say that I love that even wasted pictures of me with you are better than average. Money shots, I tell you.

  10. I just googled the Sheraton. If I were in “my” room at my BFF Susan’s, I could totally have spied on you. She lives just on the other side of the river. Dang, I shoulda gone!

  11. It really was an amazing time, wasn’t it? You get out of it what you put in and it makes me sad that some people walk away feeling drained and upset instead of feeling inspired and “filled up” by those around them.

  12. So glad you had fun. Send my congrats on the engagements.

  13. You came to Cleveland and didn’t tell me? We could have gotten drunk or something.

  14. I love that pic of you and Laurie so much I might have priint it out, frame it and smooch on it every single day.

  15. Dude. How did we miss each other? Oh yeah, you were avoiding me. You can run, but you can’t hide. I’ll be in NYC next year, too.


    I never get to spend enough time with you at BlogHer! I think I need to just come to DC!

  17. Yeah, so what’s up with that. It’s with a (y) btw Laurie. I kid. I might have some photos of us and then again I just might have tons of shots of Edward and I at the Mamapop party.

    Home now and thinking Blogher10 and Mom 2.0 even if I break the bank. So be it.

  18. I’m having post-Blogher block, too. Meeting all you amazing people and coming back and reading them has given me blog impotence. I need viagra for writers.

  19. Holy. Shit. I’m. On. Sarah’s. Blog.

  20. Your Mother says:

    Wss I the only one confused (again)? Just to clear the record, your brother and sister-in-law got engaged to other people, not each other. There, I feel better.

  21. My Mom has a good point. My brother got engaged to one person and Gabe’s sister is marrying a totally different person.

    Sheesh. We’re not THAT kind of family.

  22. I wasn’t confused. You said, “or,” and, “*one* of their weddings.”

  23. Ok, I didn’t get to hang out with you nearly enough all weekend but look forward to our next DCMM get together that Devra is probably already planning! And yes, you do look fab in all of those pics and I don’t think you need to lose any weight at all!

  24. I love BlogHer too. Love, love, love. I also love your photos. I understand about the loose tooth though. Sam learned how to ride a bike without training wheels when I was gone. Pout.

  25. I wish I had special powers that enabled me to create an extended weekend in which I could have met everyone at BlogHer. Makes me sad to see these pics and realize I was there and never met you. I was RIGHT THERE.

    Next time…


  26. That’s okay — I think that photos often say all that needs to be said. :)

  27. I just needed to chime in and say that Whit looks especially smart in that photo.

  28. Beautiful update, Sarah. I completely agree that you get out of it what you put into it, and I had a wonderful time.

    Although I do feel like next year I simply have to take you out for a beer or something, just so that we can spend more time talking. I look forward to just that. :)

  29. Not enough time with you.

    There. I said it.

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