Evil Twins?


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  1. Bwa ha ha!

  2. The captain was here?

  3. LOVE this.

  4. take a look at THAT picture…
    Nuff said!!! :)

  5. Aprylsantics says:

    They are adorable! I didn’t know you were married to Inigo Montoya!

  6. That look in her eyes kind of scares me…

  7. Only if being awesome is a sin

  8. Dude I still can’t grow a mustache. I am jealous.

  9. I am such a girl. The first thing I noticed was the awesome headband.

  10. Hmmm, you really do want to have Michael Vick replaced! 😉

  11. Your Mother says:

    From loose teeth to facial hair. Seems like just last week to me – how quickly time flies.

  12. love it!…especially that look in her eyes! between that picture and Amalah’s amazing shrieking baby, I have literally laughed myself into hysterics today.

  13. Adorably evil. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Moms of Ians like ours need to stick together!

  14. The opposite of! So cute ;-).

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