Because Implied Bad Words are Hilarious

(found on Clark Kent’s Lunchbox)

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  1. That never ceases to be funny.

  2. that is awesome.

  3. Greatest sketch ever.

    The morning show I used to listen to on Sirius did that with sound bytes, it was always hilarious.

  4. That’s jumping funny.

  5. That is never NOT funny!!!!

  6. And to think Sesame Street turned down The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ request to be on the show. Sheez, talk about your double standards!

    (Thanks for the shout-out.)

  7. Holy shit! How have I never not seen this? That is FANTASTIC! Laughed so hard I snorted and had tears in my eyes. Am sharing with EVERYONE I know!

  8. That is the funniest thing I’ve EVER seen. EVER. And I’ve seen funny stuff, man. Thanks!

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