I Don’t Ever Want to Know the Backstory on This Sign

Healthy Swimming?

Gabe says that once you have read the first rule the second rule should be a given.

Good God, what happened in that pool to require this sign?

Never mind, don’t tell me. I didn’t see it until after I was done swimming.

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  1. wow. nothing else you can say about that but DAMN….

  2. After seeing a pile of poop on the floor of the changing room of a large outdoor swim/splash center in Virginia, I think any and all signage is needed. The pile of poop was on the floor and people were walking around it. No one claimed except the flies. Ewwww. No one cleaned it up.

    I had my 2-year-old stand on a bench the entire time. I was pregnant as well. I should have been forewarned as we were delayed going in to the pool due to a wait for it, wait for it…fecal coliform issue. Yuck, never going back to the Water Mine!

  3. Darn RHI! First I can’t swim in the ocean when I’m bleeding, now Rule 1? I thought that’s what the chemicals were for!

  4. that classic line, “common sense: it’s not that common” comes to mind.

    “Hey, kids, who wants to go see a movie?”

  5. Note to self:

    Never go swimming with Sarah.

  6. I, for one, am endlessly grateful that you waited until AFTER our week on vacation – with the kids in the pool every day – to post this.

    Because otherwise? I woulda been waaaaaaay too skeeved to even consider letting my kids in a pool.

  7. This is the reason I don’t do public pools!

  8. Eeeew. Eew. Eww. Ewwwwwww.

  9. Yeah. That’s frightening.

  10. Poop in the pool is just gross. Ew.

  11. I love how the first rule says do not go swimming when YOU have diarrhea. and then says it is important for kids in diapers. Like a kid in a diaper can read the sign.

  12. Our pool says a swimsuit is required. Lame.

  13. I totally used to work for the Healthy Swimming Program at CDC that puts out that info. I didn’t realize that actual pools utilized the info…how funny! I will tell you, working in that dept. made me never want to swim in a public pool again! The info I could share..let’s just say that chlorine can only compensate for so much of people’s nastiness!

  14. Ewww.

  15. I managed a pool for 5 years and I can tell you that sign is actually necessary. And I worked at an expensive, upper-class, private membership pool.

    We had about 4 “code browns” each summer. The best part was, the parent never told us when it happened, they just scooped up their kids and left.

    Good news: a 24-hour cycle and super-chlorination, and balance the chemicals the next day, and the pool is so clean you could eat off of it. Or something.

  16. Doody! Doody!

  17. Yeah, one of those went up at our pool as well…but it includes a prohibition against swimming if you’ve been vomiting recently.

    Really? Really? People need a sign to tell them that’s a bad idea?

    Common sense is dead.

  18. I’m thinking of Caddyshack and the Baby Ruth candy bar now.

  19. one word – yuck!

  20. Aprylsantics says:

    People have DIED from poop in the water. Seriously. It happened here at a very popular water park in my area about 10 years ago. Nice.

  21. Yep, my 6 yo daughter came home from summer camp and was all upset because they couldn’t go in the pool because…wait for it…someone pooped in it.

    Seriously?! The kids are all 6+, WTH?! They obviously need a sign at our pool.

  22. Love swimming, hate thinking about where all that water’s BEEN.

  23. so gross, but true. my dr said swimming in a public kiddie pool is like dipping your kid in the toilet bowel. i know because Gabriel got really sick last year because of it.

  24. OK, I’m sick because all I did was laugh until tears came to my eyes. Totally gross, but thanks for one helluva laugh.

  25. Aprylsantics says:

    Not that I’m all obsessed with water parks and all, but I forgot to mention a very intimate experience I had with a very tall waterslide at one in Tampa. No one mentioned at the end I would get a bonus enema. Yes, people, water that has been UP in people’s butts. I know I’m not the only one…

  26. Back to Musings From Me…the people who need these kinds of signs do not read them, hence why NONE OF US CAN HAVE NICE THINGS.

    Also it may be the late hour but I am howling at this. Lol’ing, even. It’s so horrible. It’s end times, baby. End times.

  27. I’m so sorry, I forgot. Actually I think I love “Not that I’m obsessed with water parks and all” directly above me the most. I think I’m done now. Except to say that this photo must be distributed far and wide and I hope you’re on that, Goon Squad Sarah. There are people depending on you.

  28. I think swallowing the pool water leads to most of the other problems?

    We didn’t get a membership this summer…

  29. ROTFLMAO!! Beside the fact that these are OBVIOUS courtesies, I too do NOT want to know what prompted the sign. I have visions of a parent with a stomach virus that has passed onto a child that passed onto all the swimmers. Kinda like that vomiting scene out of “Stand By Me”….

  30. The post and the comments are going to keep me out of water parks the way Jaws kept people out of the ocean in the 70s. Luckily I have my own pool and I don’t poop in it or otherwise defile it. I need to keep an eye on my brother-in-law, however.

  31. Tamie from Tampa says:

    Check this one out- seems like a common problem.


  32. I was just going to tell you to check out Passive Aggressive notes, but the commenter above beat me to it. One is particularly disturbing. Well, they all are.

  33. Seems like a pervasive problem. Least you weren’t subjected to descriptions of “teabags” like I was:


  34. Are there really that many people out there who have swum with diarrhea that they need to post a sign like that. And who would get to the pool, see the sign and be like, damn, guess I can’t swim today.

  35. DEAR GOD. What is wrong with the world? Throw enough chlorine in that puppy to bleach our insides. You can’t control baby poop. Now, if adults are in there with liquid poo, gimme the number for the local police and health department. I’ve got it covered.

  36. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. I could never ever ever ever swim in that place. Ever. Ever.

  37. So, wait a minute. The sign is telling me NOT to swallow pool water(?) and especially when there are floaters in it. This is Awesome! Its a joke right? I love it :)

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