Foreshadowing (The Redemption of the Tooth Fairy)

Last night we were at my in-laws house eating dinner and we were discussing Claudia’s impending visit from the tooth fairy.

As you can see here Claudia’s tooth was very loose.

It came up that recently Devra’s younger son lost a tooth and then he really lost it. He eventually found it so it was okay but Claudia’s grandmother said that she thought if you lost lost a tooth the Tooth Fairy would still come.

I said I didn’t think so. It didn’t seem fair. Why would a person get money for nothing?*

Of course Claudia woke up in the morning with a gaping hole in her mouth where one of her lower front teeth used to be.

And the tooth was nowhere to be found.

My daughter lost her very first tooth. She is so excited. This is a rite of passage. She is growing up and I think I ruined it for her. She was crestfallen when she realized the tooth was gone.

I am the the shittiest parent ever. I screwed up the whole Tooth Fairy thing before I ever even got the chance to be her. What kind of mother** would deny a little girl the joy of losing her first tooth when she was already sad enough that after weeks of build up she wasn’t even awake when it finally fell out.

To attempt to redeem myself I suggested that maybe if Claudia wrote a letter explaining the situation the Tooth Fairy would understand. She couldn’t be the first kid this has happened to, right?

Note to the Tooth Fairy

I am so glad that my mother-in-law argued the point. She gave Claudia hope. I should trust that the woman that raised my husband knows a thing or two about parenting and Tooth Fairies.

And if tonight I fall asleep and forget to leave a dollar under her pillow, I am just going to have to admit that it is all a lie: the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny – all of it. It is all just me sucking at motherhood, and I am going to have to buy her a pony to appease my guilt.

* or their chicks for free?

** I’m so bad I should be in detention.

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  1. Oh, don’t feel too bad. We all make those same mistakes; what makes someone a bad mother is adhering blindly to mistakes instead of fixing them.

    Our family believes that each house has its own Tooth Fairy agenda: some kids get money, some get a gift, some TFs exchange the tooth for money, others leave the tooth along with the money. It’s personalized!

  2. Oh, don’t feel too bad. We all make those same mistakes; what makes someone a bad mother is adhering blindly to mistakes instead of fixing them.

    Our family believes that each house has its own Tooth Fairy agenda: some kids get money, some get a gift, some TFs exchange the tooth for money, others leave the tooth along with the money. It’s personalized!
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

  3. I have forgotten to put the money under the pillow at least 5 times… Here’s what you do. You ask the kid if the tooth fairy came, and when they look and say no, you offer to help look again.

    You have the coin secretly in your hand, and you ‘find’ it when you look under the pillow one last time.

    Note: the risk is high, because if they catch you then it is really trouble, but this is how I’ve saved my own ass many times.

    Good luck! (And yes, you can totally write the TF a note. We did that when a tooth fell out into a sandbox!)


  4. At least she really had a tooth and lost it. Remember my younger son once made a “tooth” out of some paper and put it under his pillow.

    He thought he could trick the Tooth Fairy.

    The next morning he found a note written on glittery paper from the Tooth Fairy telling him she wasn’t his fool.

  5. Oh, and our TF never takes the tooth (I say her bag must have been too full) so that’s how you can explain away the tooth still being there.

  6. Take it from another failure of a mother…….it will be fine! It’s nothing that a few years of therapy (for her) and a couple rounds of cocktails (for you) can’t fix! LOL!

  7. Sometimes fairies leave our kids notes. Or they email. Because sometimes? the fairies that frequent our house blow it.

  8. My oldest literally lost a tooth once. It fell out at school and never made it home. He was devestated. We wound up finding a small pebble and painted it with White Out and fooled the tooth fairy that way.

  9. You are one of the best moms I’ve ever seen. Shut up with that or I’ll punch you.

    Of course it would come out in her sleep. It’s a weird world.

    Leave her two dollars.

    Love to both of you.

  10. The letter is perfect. We had to use a letter once (with a promise to forward the tooth if ever found – it never was)

    We have many many notes to the tooth fairy — she’s totally fed up with us, I’m sure. My second is big on … I lost my tooth, but I want to keep it for awhile.

    Or he tells ME he’s putting it under his pillow and then it’s NOT there. He hides it just to see if the tooth fairy will search his room for it (she will NOT)

    Don’t spill the beans, being the toothfairy is a powerful thing – don’t give that up.

    Enjoy your power!

  11. My daughter lost her first tooth at preschool, at lunch (do you see where this is headed?) and swallowed it. The tooth fairy totally takes notes from the toothless, and in our house, left a dollar and a toy from the dollar store supply of “bribes”, since the tooth fairy felt so horrible that she had swallowed the darn thing.

  12. You could tell her that the tooth fairy took an x-ray of her tummy while she slept and saw the tooth was there, so she still gets money (and she’ll be too creeped out by the fact that some weird fairy was watching her sleep to care). And if you still forget after she took the time to write a letter, you could always pull my trick and leave a box with a couple coins in it outside the front door and tell her that daddy locked the door so tight the fairy couldn’t get in. That way, Daddy gets the blame, she gets the money, and you still look cool.

  13. aww, you did good, momma.

    is ian so jealous that his sister lost a tooth first?

  14. Did she swallow it?

    It will be fine. Once she gets the money, she’ll forget all about it.

  15. We had something similar happen and my eldest son lost his lost tooth. We think he accidentally swallowed it while he was eating his waffles. He was DEVASTATED and thought the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t come visit him. So we had him write a letter to the Tooth Fairy explaining the situation. You can see a scan of the letter here ( The Tooth Fairy wrote a really nice letter back saying she used her Tooth Scanner and found the tooth in his tummy.

  16. In theory, I’m with the ‘no tooth, no dinero’ position. But in practise, it would be a bit harsh.

    Especially with that letter!

  17. Our solution to the losing-the-lost-tooth problem a few months ago was to write the TF a note explaining the situation, and enclose a shell that she could use to build her castle instead (apparently the tooth fairy uses teeth build a castle, which ewww). It seemed to work out just fine.

  18. So – did the TF visit and remember to leave the money the other night?

  19. Hey, I lost my first tooth while eating a sandwich. You can bet my mom didn’t go looking for that tooth. She told me the tooth fairy knew it was gone and would still visit, and I believed her.

    (And Cordy just watched your animated header and said, “That boy turned her into an ice cream cone!” I guess a giant explosion could look like a fiery red ice cream cone..)

  20. LOL. I almost screwed up Christmas a couple of years ago. The neighborhood kids and my stepson were talking about Santa and none of us have a fireplace. My stepson asked how Santa would get into our house with the door locked and I mumbled something about leaving the door unlocked and one kid (who must have better informed parents than myself) said, “My mom said Santa has a magic key to get into houses without chimneys!” Ugh. And I’m always confusing which toys Santa bought him and which ones WE bought him. That usually gets sticky.

    I LOVE your header, btw.
    And thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  21. Eric had a tooth pulled one time & wrote a letter asking to keep it, & the wonderful toothfairy let him. OK, not relevent, just another writing to the toothfairy story.

  22. My son swallowed one of his teeth when he lost it. The Tooth Fairy visited him anyway. 😉

  23. Totally know where you were on this one.

    Crab lost a tooth (in a donut) while at a friend’s house one Sunday morning. The mom put it on top of an entertainment center to keep it ‘safe.’ The dad came through the area & did a great big ol’ clean sweep and managed to toss the tooth.

    Fast forward to that night when I totally forget the tooth fairy is supposed to show, despite Crab having carefully written a letter explaining the circumstances behind the missing tooth. And dh is out of town so fails to provide backup. And no one realizes anything until I get home that evening. Gad. Total failure on my part.

    And Mon night I forget again.

    And Tues night…anyone sensing a trend?

    And Wed – at work – I manage to REMEMBER the TF, totally create a hoax letter from the TF.

    On Thurs a.m. she finally received $1 and a letter: “Dear Crab, I understand you lost your tooth in a donut. We finally managed to verify your story when we found your tooth in the landfill downtown. Next time, try to be a little more careful. Sincerely, the TF”

    Thank goodness for trash day!

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