Brand New Greatest Fear

What if one of them gets sick on the first day of kindergarten?

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  1. I was sick for half of the first week of high school. Had to walk into all of my classes wearing my cheer uniform. So much for being me first.

    They won’t be sick! You simply don’t have time!

  2. There are a lot of days of kindergarten. Friends aren’t assigned the first day like seats, and I imagine they can catch up academically.

    My big fear is that Ada’s cold (she’s feverish today) will infect the twins and wreck havoc with our trip to SF for a wedding this weekend. Grrr, darn summer colds.

  3. my girls’ teacher was sick on the first day of school & didn’t come back for 3 days. they have yet to get sick on the first day, thank the baby jesus in heaven.

  4. Oh no! So much for the light at the end of that tunnel!

  5. Settle down! They are going to be GREAT!!!!! This, of course, is coming from someone who cried over her daughter boarding the bus just one year ago.

  6. You just made me somehow immediately worry that that would happen, which it probably won’t. You’re really manipulating me now.

  7. Just don’t let them get too excited :) My brother was so excited the first day of school every single year (he’d be up by like 4am) he was sent home within an hour or two having made himself sick. Now we’d probably just give him Valium. My kids whine about having to go to school so much doubt that would ever happen…aack, first day of K for us is tomorrow.

  8. Excellent Fear. Nothing like being branded, from Kindergarten, as the kid who puked on the first day of school.

  9. Glad I am not there yet. Good luck.

  10. Just don’t feed them Twinkies and you’ll be fine. Or they’ll be fine. Depending on how you choose to look at it.

  11. and on day one of school we got a call informing us our 1st grader had a spontaneous bloody nose and needed new clothes. There was a lot of blood.

  12. I hadn’t even considered this. Now it is *my* Brand New Greatest Fear (and I only have one!).

  13. And the other has to go alone? Worst thing EVA.

  14. Our She-Twin puked AFTER the first day of preschool ended. Delish. She still talks about it…we all lived. It’ll be okay. 😉

  15. Two years ago my son missed the last day of school due to strep throat. Three months later, he missed the first day of school, due to strep throat. Hooray for symmetry.

  16. They’ll be okay.

  17. Well if they get sick AT kindergarten, the school gets to be the one to clean it up!

    (Always looking on the bright side)

  18. Don’t sweat it if one of htem is sick – like someone else mentioned, there are plenty of days in Kindergarten and it takes a bit for the pecking order to be established. That said, a friend of mine has a kiddo starting Kindergarten and she missed her first, and second days yesterday and today. Hopefully she can get there soon!

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