It’s a Small World Wide Web After All

I’m not that great of a cook, but I like food.

Gabe does most of the quality cooking in this joint, but I try to do at least half of the cooking.

This is why I was on the internet trying to figure out how to hard boil an egg.

I mean, yes, I know you boil eggs in a pan with water in it on the stove, but I was looking for cooking times. Hard boiled eggs always trip me up.

I went to my handy dandy search engine and I searched for “perfect hard boiled egg”.

And you want to hear something crazy? I chose the third entry because it looked the most promising and it just so happens that I personally knew the person who wrote the article.

I don’t mean that I met her at a book signing or we were introduced once at a cocktail party. I mean she used to be my boss.

I just took 40 minutes finding a picture of us together from BlogHer ’07 and it turns out I look like a crazy person with balloon head and so I won’t post it, but thanks to the glory that is Flickr (and the genius of Isabel via twitter):

mom2.0 group

Picture Courtesy  Mom2Summit flickr pool

We are the two in the middle. I am the pasty one. She is the one with the pretty hair.

My whole point is that what are the odds that I find a random recipe on the internet and it turns out to be written by someone I actually know? Maybe this web isn’t so wide after all.

And also, thanks, Stefania. My eggs were perfect.

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  1. Stefania is awesome!

  2. That is almost spooky!

    I hope that she told you eggs must never be boiled–they are hard-cooked eggs.

    Back to my cooking throne now.

  3. Another way to come to this realization is to have a relative find your blog. A relative who you may or may not have said something nice or not-so-nice about. Small world indeed!

  4. I can’t hard boil an egg right to save my life. Even with directions, I always screw it up.

  5. That’s so cool. So is there a major secret to eggs? I just do it for 10 mins, but somehow I always screw it up. Share the knowledge lady!

  6. I don’t know how to cook eggs at all. God bless the internets!

  7. Don’t feel bad about looking up how to hard-boil an egg. My Harvard-educated colleague asked me how to “open” and hard-boiled egg.

  8. Her technique is my favored one. I’m a decent cook but since I don’t often boil eggs I always have to look it up.

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