And the Award for Least Mature Parent Goes To…

As I was putting Ian to bed last night I saw something blue on his forehead.

“What is on your forehead?” I said, “Is that toothpaste?”

Fortunately (sort of) I had been in the middle of cleaning the kitchen and I had a paper towel in my hand.

So I did what any normal mother would do and I licked the paper and wiped the toothpaste off of his head.

“Ew,” he said “You licked a paper towel”.

“Oh yeah?” I said. “Well, you have spit on your forehead.” and then I kissed his cheek and turned out the light.


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  1. Love it!

    My kids get very mad at me know if I try the old spit and wipe routine which means they have dirty faces most of the time.

  2. Hey at least you didn’t finish with an “Oh SNAP!”

  3. A spit shined forehead? Works.

  4. Oh, c’mon – I think my latest post is at LEAST as bad. Don’t I warrant an honourable mention? ;0}

  5. Wait! Wha?! I’m here to collect my award.

  6. You know, at least you didn’t just lick his forehead. Or leave the toothpaste there.

  7. Yes, I’m constantly telling Cassie parts of her body are private.
    Yesterday I licked my finger to get the eye gunk out of her eye and she leaned back away from me (the nerve) then said, “Mommy, my eyes are private. And that means no one can touch them.”
    She trumped me!

  8. Man, I used to hate when my mom would lick the napkin or paper towel to get dirt off our faces. Ewwww!

  9. At least you used a paper towel. my mum used to just lick her thumb. Gross.

  10. What, we’re not supposed to be honest with our kids? Love it.

  11. there is no better soap in the world than Mom Spit

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