Planning My Trip to Wine Country

california-wine-country-mapI choose to be in denial for one more day. I’m not thinking about Kindergarten starting Tuesday, I am thinking about my anniversary trip in October.

I’ve got some nice meals to look forward to. We’ve secured reservations at The French Laundry, Mustards and Cyrus.

Now, who has recommendations for a place to stay in Healdsburg or Sonoma or Calistoga?

I’ve got my Napa days pretty well planned out, but what non-Napa vineyards/wineries are not to be missed? Consider yourself my AAA.

Not to be confused with my AA, you can be that when we get home.

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  1. I would stay at

    My parents travel all over the world and say its the best place they have ever stayed. if nothing else have a meal there.

    I also did a great wine country tour if you want the tour company we used.

    We want to do the same thing in 2 years for our 10 year.

    so jealous you got into the french laundry.

  2. oh, missed the other part of the question, wineries-

    my Dad’s all time favorite is this, and it’s gorgeous, in Sonoma-

    if you want to do a champagne house

  3. You lucky duck! You’ll have a FABULOUS time! We stayed here a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it ..

    And you HAVE to eat here …

    And have a drink here …

    My travel agent fee will arrive shortly! ;O

  4. Oh, and wine tasting here …

  5. In Saratoga there is one called Mountain View. SPECTACULAR. Also – they have a concert area setup -it is apparently the #2 small venue in the entire US! You should look and see if there is a concert while you are there – this summer they had Journey, Steve Miller Band, Pat Benetar and tons of others!

  6. The Comfort Inn in Calistoga is not crazy expensive and decent.

  7. I personally love Korbel and The Castle Winery (Castello di Amorosa- I made a post with pictures of the winery here-

  8. You should talk to the wondrous Helen Jane. She knows all. And she lives there. And blogs about wine. And food. If you don’t already know her, tell her Suebob sent you.

  9. We love Sonoma. Favoites are Beaucheine and Trentadue. Chateau St. Jean has great grounds for a picnic. Iron Horse for bubbles. Also, acacia – that’s the one sis and John have their membership at. Gundlach Buncheau (sp?). Miss Valley of the Moon

  10. Hi —

    We’ve been to Napa a few times within the last year or so and are planning another visit for October. I’d be happy to send you some recommendations and “research.”

    You will love it. I’m jealous that you’re going to the French Laundry.

  11. Yeah, Suebob’s right about Helen Jane. Also, Kristy Sammis is in Napa now and knows a thing or two about wine. :) Stop by and see her baby for me.

    My sister was just up there in Solvang (I don’t know what’s that near.) but they stayed at a few places that were nice and not crazy expensive if you want me to ask her.

  12. If you stop by Storybook Mountain Vineyards in Calistoga, say hi to Sigrid and Jerry from me, and note the oak tree up the hill to your right. That’s where we had our wedding.

    I wouldn’t spend a night in Calistoga after spending several further south in the NV — move on to Sonoma where there’s more to do.

  13. French Laundry? NICE! We stayed at the ‘Calistoga Inn’ in Calistoga on our honeymoon – be sure to get a mudbath when you are in Calistoga, so fun & relaxing (not really fancy ‘spa’ atmosphere, think California gold-rush authentic old-timey mud!)

  14. It’s 10:30 am on Tuesday morning and I dropped my son off for his first day of kindergarten this morning…
    my good karma ‘thing’ is going out to you-
    how are you doing- I’m keeping it together so far this morning;

    … the house is so quiet !?!

  15. merseydotes says:

    We stayed at Hotel d’Amici in Calistoga and loved it. It’s sort of like a bed and breakfast but you don’t see anyone! It was a great location too. On top of an awesome Italian restaurant.

  16. I’ve only been to Sonoma once and I loved it. You cannot go wrong with any of the wineries. It’s less commercial than Napa, so the tastings are usually free and it’s more relaxed. I enjoyed Simi and Passalacqua when I was there. Lambert Bridge is also really nice.

    We also went to this tiny place kind of off the beaten path, Fritz Winery, and it was neat. The wine was good too.

    Have fun! I’m jealous!

  17. no idea, but french laundry is on my list of must-do things in my life.

  18. Where do I start? I’M SO JEALOUS of those restaurants. Love it! A few of our fave Sonoma vineyards (and wine clubs) — Ledson, Chateau St. Jean and J. Vineyards.

    In Sonoma we stayed at the Sonoma Mission Inn, which was very nice with a great spa. When we go again, we’ll probably stay at the Ledson Hotel in Healdsburg.

    I saw someone posted Maison Fleurie, we stayed there when it first opened forever ago. It was super nice, too.

    I can’t wait to read about this trip! And congrats on today. We made it! A&M literally ran up the bus steps without a look back or even a wave. :-( Teary eyes for this mama, but no spillage. ha!

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