My son,

My first born,*

The baby in the Derrick Brooks onesie,

tn_Game_Day_(12) (2)

told his kindergarten teacher that his favorite football team was the Redskins.

My daughter is getting the birthright.

* By two minutes.

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  1. It was nice knowing you, kid.

  2. Frank Sucks says:

    Either way, the kid is facing a lifetime of rooting for a mediocre team with bad uniforms, if you were a good mom, I would have told you at one time to push them to the Raiders, with its inclusive attitude and Silver and Black, but they stink, so you should make them Giant fans, since the Jints will crush the Yucks this week.

  3. *Steals your Mother of the Year award away* What kind of EVIL are you teaching these kids?!?!

    p.s. Go Ravens!

  4. I understand completely. I would disown any child of mine who rooted for the Raiders.

  5. On Sunday the Beaner announced that he was both a Ravens and an Eagles fan, and Al (a Steelers fan) still hasn’t gotten over it. “I can understand the Eagles — he lives in Philadelphia — but the RAVENS? I think we need to have a chat with your parents.” (My folks are the Ravens fans.)

  6. That’s right, baby!

  7. I was born in D.C. Hail to the Redskins!

  8. Um are those baseball teams? Oh, there’s another American sport. Wait for it … wait for it. Oh!! Football-without-feet?

    Mine are two minutes apart too.

  9. Ha! He knows the Redskins suck, yes?

    Every time I see or hear Derrick Brooks’ name, I think of that commercial from like 8 years ago where the kids are on a bus (I think?) and they are singing “Who’s our favorite player? Mr. Derrick Brooks.”

  10. My 10 yo sports-savant nephew is like that. It took us a while to figure out that even at 3 he was always for whoever was playing your team. He had all the statistics and explanation as to why but eventually we figured it out – it was just to annoy you.

  11. FOMCLMAO!! I LOVE the Seahawks. My oldest?? DALLAS! My hubs LOVES the Raiders, my middle son? DENVER!! Even our six year, I’m convinced, did not come from my loins….He’s a Packer fan..Where, oh where, did I go wrong???

  12. Oh, and dudette! We should totally get together–we live like, right here!

  13. Way to go, Ian! Hail!

  14. Give him to us, we’ll take him back home with us and teach him right. It is obvious he is picking up on the really bad Redskins vibe in these parts.

  15. My son likes USC and the Dodgers. Whaaaaa?

    Totally not my kid.

  16. My son is destined for a lifetime of disappointment–he has to be an Eagles fan or he will be kicked out. If his parents are going to be miserable on Sundays (every year of our sad lives), all three of us might as well be!

  17. Clearly, that dude is a major suck-up. Probably hoping she turns a blind eye to any behavior problems. Yeah, that’s right.

  18. He is a superhero who has defeated both nature and nurture.

  19. Even though he’s betrayed you, that is a freaking cute picture.

  20. Oh wow. Does he KNOW his mother??

    Or was he just trying to get in good with his teacher?

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