My Poltergeist is Back

They’re Here.

Really, they’re back.poltergeist_they're_back

And this time they like Beck.

Let me explain.

I had an incident about two years ago when my tv would just turn off all by itself.  I blamed paranormal activity (not the movie, but the phenomenon). That all stopped when we got a new tv.

Coincidence? Probably not, but you never know.

Yesterday my computer started playing music when nobody was in the living room.

Honestly, I didn’t think a thing of it. You see, my husband downloaded this ap for his iPhone that makes his cell phone act as a remote for our iTunes. Usually he uses this function either to put on some music while we are having a nice family dinner or to torture me by putting on really shitty music from another room.*

Then I heard Gabe tell the kids “I think Mommy is playing a joke on us with her iPhone”.

But it wasn’t me. I was in the kitchen doing dishes.

It was strange, but I let it go.

Then today I came home from the grocery store to an empty house.

The empty house was listening to Beck.


I know for sure I didn’t leave any music playing when I left the house. In fact, I checked every light, both computers and the coffee pot before I left the house.

What do I make of this?

I figure there are several options:

1) I have a poltergeist.

2) My cats love Beck and figured out how to use iTunes. Apple software is very intuitive.

3) I have a stowaway – possibly hiding in a pile of laundry.

4) There is a disturbance in the force.

5) A glitch in the Matrix?**

6) I accidentally mashed a whole bunch of buttons and set my computer to open iTunes and play something of its choosing at random intervals.

I don’t know. Pick whatever sounds reasonable to you. For now I’m going with the poltergeist.

* Most often “Jeanny” by Falco which is one of the worst songs ever written in my humble opinion.
**  Yes, I know 4 and 5 are basically the same joke but I couldn’t decide.

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  1. Yeah our television turns on and off every once in a while. Different televisions, different houses. It’s too much of a coincidence. Besides every time it happens the cat goes and watches…wait maybe it’s the cat that has powers…

  2. Maybe your cat doesn’t like what you guys watch.

  3. Whatever you have comes and visits me sometimes too. But it messes with the radio I have mounted under my kitchen cabinets. But only when my iPod is plugged in to it. Music will randomly play, randomly pause, randomly freak me the hell out.

  4. So do you like the music your spirit is playing, or hate it?

  5. I bet it’s Sid. He seems like a Beck fan.

  6. Sometimes i have too many windows open on my computer (reading blogs) and the music on a blog will play even if my speakers are on mute – HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? Then I have to rush through my readings until I find the one that is playing music through muted speakers.

    Sometimes I wish there were a ‘save’ that is the opposite of favorites. Like a notice to say – do not open no matter how tempting the content may be….

  7. I vote for Ian. There’s no telling what those traitor children will do.

  8. Ok, sorry about your gremlin and all, but 4 and 5 are most definitely not the same joke. See, #4 is from the greatest movie series of all time. And #5 is from a ridiculous, awful series in which I am supposed to believe that Keanu Reeves of all people is the Chosen One.

  9. I think you’re dealing with multiple phenomena. First off, it’s clearly the ghost of Falco playing Falco. Secondly, the spontaneous Beck explosion is most like the result of post-Xenu h-bomb spirits floating up from volcanoes and infesting your iTunes. Or something like that. I’m pretty sure it’s all laid out in Dianetics.

  10. And the rhyming Becktionary.

  11. Is it possible that you have a neighbor with the same IPhone app? Could they possibly be trying to turn their own stuff off and on? I ask because when we lived in Oxon Hill, I would open my ITunes sometimes and get what I can only assume was a neighbor’s instead.

    They listened to a lot of Snoop and Jay-Z. Beck would have been better.

  12. Falco had more than one song?

  13. I’m 100% certain that our last house was haunted. Toys in my son’s playroom would turn on by themselves when no one else was in the room. My son was pretty non-verbal as a toddler but if he was in the playroom by himself he would often sit facing the corner and giggle and babble to whatever it was that was in there with him. Whatever it was seemed harmless enough so I never worried about it too much. If it had started playing Beck songs though I would have moved out and sold the house the very next day. (shudder)

  14. Your cats are trying to tell you they need two turntables and a microphone.

  15. Do Japanese women like Beck? I bet it’s the same one who was arrested for living in that man’s closet.

  16. sueinithaca says:

    I’d blame your son. At least, if it was my house, I’d blame my son. At 2.5, he knows how to operate the cd player, the dvd player, the mouse on the computer. Just today, I learned (the hard way) that he knows how to operate the car. I put him in his car seat and told him to buckle up while I went back in the house for my purse. When I came back out (oh, 45 seconds later) he was naked and sitting in the driver’s seat. I said, “Whatcha doin?” He said “my need the key so my can listen music. where the key? OH! my got it!” He put the key in the ignition, turned it, and started Raffi. Then he climbed in back and buckled into his 5-point harness. (My daughter, who is 5, cannot do any of the above mentioned toddler tricks, but she’s much better at adding, so I give her a pass).

    It’s always the boy.

  17. If you’re going to have a poltergeist, one that likes Beck is an excellent choice.

  18. Kristabella wins for comment that made me laugh out loud.

    My television will turn itself on but I’ve noticed it happens when the DVR is recording two things at once. Or maybe our ghost (who turns on the kids toys, the fans, and my Zune) is smart enough to establish a pattern to throw me off.

  19. Hunter used to have toys that would go off all by themselves. But the kicker of that story is that I took the batteries out and they STILL went off. He also told me that his grandpa came to visit him while he was sleeping. The grandfather that he was talking about had been dead for 5 years. So, is it houses that are haunted or people?

  20. So now we have to set up webcams to monitor our electronics?

  21. It is definitely one of two things. Either a ghost/poltergeist or a hobo who is living under the floorboards.

  22. I’d go with poltergeist too. Cats don’t have opposable thumbs.

  23. They are trying to tell you something.

    Unless it was Beck’s “Loser” song.

  24. step into the light, children… yeah, I vote poltergeist.

  25. Don’t be fooled. It’s nothing paranormal. Beck is messing with your mind and screwing around with your iPod.

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